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Media companies, news outlets & NBA fans continue to cover, troll and mention at any given moment “Trae Young Hair is thinning” & were guilty of this too! Sorry Trae, however, things have changed now.

His basketball talent is undeniable and he’s an athlete on most peoples radar yet we equally couldn’t help but to focus on his bald spot which is covered by his loose curls.


Our editorial covers his hair type, his current hair condition, and the reason you all came here, his previous thinning crown!



Trae Young Hair Type

Before we take a deep dive into his thinning crown were examining his hair type! Taking a closer look at Trae’s hair we can see he has a very loose curl pattern ranging from 2C – 3A.

trae young hair type

From the image above we can see his curly/wavy texture doesn’t lose shape even during game times though it tends to become frizzier and volumized at the top.

3A curls are the closest pattern to 2C. They typically show more of a loose S pattern which goes from the root to the end.



Trae Young Bald Spot

Trae’s hair loss became a topic of discussion as multiple games exposed the athletes thinning crown.

trae young balding

Due to the nature of basketball being a contact sport and fast-paced hair movement is inevitable, resulting into exposed bald spots.


Back in 2021 New York Knicks fans taunted Trae Young about balding after being given explicit instructions to do so.


The exposure of game nights & fans chanting “TRAE IS BALDING” resulted in the athletes hair going viral.

We can’t be certain as to why the young athletes hair was thinning but we understand there are a number of reasons for male pattern baldness ranging from, genetics, certain medications or hormonal changes.



Trae Young Hair (Current Look)

Today we see the athlete with a full set of hair, no thinning crown or weak spots. We believe Trae would have undergone a hair transplant to fix the problem.

nba players hairstyles

A hair transplant involves removing patches of hair from your head and reinserting the hair follicle into the bald sections.

If this were the case then hair at the back of his would be used and transplanted to cover the crown. The images from 2022 see his hair covered and full.

curly hair

Jamie Foxx Hair would have undergone a similar procedure to reinstate his thinning hair. Celebrities are people who are just as self-conscious as us so it doesn’t surprise me when hair transplant become the solution.


Whilst his thinning crown has meant his hair looking different in games the one consistent is his trademark look involving a tapered fade on the sides with shaved in patterns and a goatee.



From the Desk of Trae Young

In response to the fans trolling and headlines Trae decided to make a statement about his hair which was,

“My hair is different than a lot of people’s. I like my hair. I like the fade. I like the little design I have. I’m cool with it. Obviously, my hair is thin on the top, so it looks like a bald spot. But I really could care less. If that’s what makes them sleep good at night.. I’m cool. I’m sleeping good”




Final Words

Let’s be real the hair issues above aren’t just reserved for Trae Young or for middle-aged men, it’s a crisis that so many face.

With that said we rather you take a proactive approach and not a reactive approach



Eat Healthy Food

Nutrition is the best indicator for hair health which is why we advise you continue to eat protein, healthy fats and limit process foods.

Eating a balanced diet rich in vitamins and minerals may help promote hair growth, especially if you’re experiencing hair loss due to poor nutrition. Again remember were trying to be proactive.



Identify Balding and see a Doctor

Notice that we didn’t tell you to cut your hair! That’s because this is a personal choice and one we want you to decide for yourself.

If hair thinning is bothering you seek professional help to get options for what to do next! That’s your best course of action!

We will admit sometimes the best option is to accept your fate but we have also witness scenarios in which the persons locks can be improved with certain procedures.



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