A Detailed Look into Tiger Woods Hair History

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Whether it be his blonde dye, receding hairline or thin crown, media companies and news outlets have continuously focused on Tiger Woods Hair for decades with 0 sign of slowing down.

With great success comes tabloid headlines, rumours and social discussions, in the athletes case a large percentage has been covering his hair as we have witnessed the change in real time.

Our editorial covers everything from his hair type to his male pattern baldness

Tiger Woods Hair Type

Tiger’s hair type falls under category 2, which is wavy. Hair type is determined by race and heritage which explains his wavy hair as his parents are of Asian and African descent.  

tiger woods hair type

Type 2 wavy texture is not quite straight and not completely curly which is the case here. You can see Tigers hair is not curly but not straight from the roots to the end.

A Detailed Look at Tiger Woods Hair

There are 3 main reasons Tiger’s hair has continued to make the headlines throughout his career which are

  • Frontal Thinning
  • Receding Hairline
  • Blonde Moment

Frontal Thinning

Frontal Thinning

Images from 2012 show Tiger’s frontal region and crown beginning to thin. Due to the nature of the sport we mostly saw Tiger wearing his golf cap covering the obvious hair loss.

During an interview with Scott Van Pelt he asked the athlete about the possibility of shaving off his hair, Tiger responded jokingly,

“I’m comfortable with it; my hairline’s not. and if I don’t wear a hat, I can feel the heat.”

Will he cut it all off? Or will it be covered with hats for a few more years? Let’s wait and see.

Receding Hairline

Its not uncommon for middle-aged men to experience receding hairlines which is what we have seen from Tiger Woods. The image below from 2 time periods clearly demonstrates the difference and effects of his frontal hair loss. 

receding hairline

Being the most successful golfer means all aspects of your life being covered and when hair is thinning in real time for the public to witness we see graphics like this made.

The timeline shows the receding of his hair did not happen overnight, rather a slow process which took years. tiger woods hair through the years

Image Credit – thegolfnewsnet.com

Surgical solutions to a receding hairline has been the solution for many male celebrities. This process involves transplanting small sections of scalp and hair follicles from the back of the head to the front.

Blonde Moment

During a trip to the Bahama’s back in 2001 Woods decided to get the most experimental he had ever got with his locks by dying them blonde.

blonde hair

His agent Mark Steinberg at the time stated woods was just having fun with the hairdo and had no intentions to play with this style professionally.

This was 2001 and the image still surfaces on social media today, reason being is because it was just so unexpected.

It would be the equivalent of Muhammad Ali hair getting his hair braided or coloured, there just some things we can’t see certain athletes doing until they do it.

Were not mad at the style but were also happy he decided not to keep it too.

Final Words

Let’s be real the hair issues above aren’t just reserved for Tiger Woods or for middle-aged men, it’s a crisis that so many face.

With that said we rather you take a proactive approach and not a reactive approach


Eat Healthy Food

Nutrition is the best indicator for hair health which is why we advise you continue to eat protein, healthy fats and limit process foods.

Eating a balanced diet rich in vitamins and minerals may help promote hair growth, especially if you’re experiencing hair loss due to poor nutrition. Again remember were trying to be proactive.

Identify Balding and see a Doctor

Notice that we didn’t tell you to cut your hair! That’s because this is a personal choice and one we want you to decide for yourself.

If hair thinning is bothering you seek professional help to get options for what to do next! That’s your best course of action!

We will admit sometimes the best option is to accept your fate but we have also witness scenarios in which the persons locks can be improved with certain procedures.

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