The Best Hairstyles for Older Women (50 & Over)

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As the years unfold, so too do the possibilities for reinvention which is why we’re going to demonstrate the best Hairstyles for Older Women.

Our editorial includes,

  • Extensive Gallery showcasing 50 Hairstyle options for older ladies!
  • Video Inspiration for some of the best Hairstyles in the gallery
  • Maintenance tips for the hairstyles

Yes, older women could use the excuse of age, but that’s not you, otherwise you wouldn’t be here! Whether it’s a subtle change or a daring reinvention, these hairstyles will suit all preferences.

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Hairstyles for Older Women (Gallery)

Blonde Extensions

Blonde Extensions

Inches. Inches. Inches. Do I need to sell you on the idea of Hair Extensions, I don’t think so, just look at the beauty of them!

Short Blonde Pixie

Hairstyles for Older Women in blonde

Sharp, sexy and angular, this pixie cut front disrupts the traditional long hair women are expected to have from society!

Short Blonde Pixie with Side Swept Fringe

Whilst the pixie is shorter in length you still have options for styles, like the side swept look above.

Curtains Hairstyle with Hints of Grey

Hairstyles for Older Women with grey hair

The grey-haired curtains beautifully Frames your face elegantly with soft layers that add depth and sophistication.

Shoulder Length Layered Hair

Hairstyles for Older Women with shoulder length hair

Being 50+ doesn’t mean you too cant have a youthful appearance and that’s equally what we see with these shoulder length layers.

Jet Black Curly Hair

Hairstyles for Older Women with curls

Embrace boldness with jet black curls. Exude confidence and sophistication with voluminous curls that frame your face with flair.

Volumized Layered Hair

Add volume and dimension with layered hair. Enhance your look with effortless volume and show the young girl what sexy is!

Shoulder Length Blonde Hair

Embrace the sunny allure of shoulder-length blonde locks, radiating warmth and elegance with every sway.

Short Bob Cut

Enter chic sophistication with a short bob, where sleek lines and daring attitude redefine timeless style.

Blonde Bob Cut

Dive into blonde allure with a captivating bob, blending modern flair with classic elegance effortlessly.

Front Bangs with Bun

The contrast is created since hair is tied up with front bangs which focuses on your face. Messy Bun but sexy.

Volumized Bob Blowout

Your bob with a voluminous blowout, adding bounce and glamour to your style commands attention.

Bob with Highlights

Illuminate your bob with highlights, infusing dimension and depth into your locks for a vibrant and dynamic appearance.

Blonde Bob with Off Centre Part

Embrace modern chic with a blonde bob featuring an off-center part, creating a stylish asymmetry that exudes confidence and sophistication.

Wavy Light Brown Layered Hair

Long Brunette Hair

Curly Hair with Fringe

Embrace your curls with a trendy fringe, adding a touch of flair and framing your face with playful sophistication.

Long Hair with Light Ends

Illuminate your long locks with light ends, creating a subtle yet stunning contrast that adds dimension and movement to your hair.

Lightly Curled Hair with Extensions

Lightly Curled Hair with Extensions

Behind the Ear Ponytail

Behind the Ear Ponytail

Grey Short Bob

Grey Short Bob

Long Flowing Hair

Long Flowing Hair

Swept to the Side Fringe with Short Bob

Brunette Bob with Off Centre Part

Jet Black Long Hair

Brunette Layered Hair with Light Highlight Ends

Brunette Layered Hair with Light Highlight Ends

Dark Roots with Blonde Mid & Ends

Blonde Wolf Cut

Hairstyles for Older Women that are unique

Front Bangs with Half Up Half Down Hair

Front bangs and a chic half-up, half-down hairstyle, blending sophistication with playful charm for a versatile look.

Blonde Layered Hair

The blonde layered locks adds depth and texture to your hair while radiating a timeless and vibrant allure.

Hairstyles for Older Women like the Bob Cut

Bob Cut with Swept Sides

Blonde Shoulder Length with Fringe

Curly Hair & Bangs

Dark Brunette with Fringe

Sun Kissed Brunette

Grey & Sexy Layered Hair

Jet Black Long Hair

Short Bob Hairstyle with Swept Sides

Long Brunette Hair

Dark Roots with Blonde Hair

Messy Grey Hair

Curled Ends with Highlights

Volumized Curly Blowout

Grey Undercut Hairstyle

Hairstyles for Older Women with grey hair

Short Pixie with Fringe

Both classic and trendy Hairstyles for Older Women

Thick Blonde Hair with Layers

Undercut with Fringe in Blonde

Hairstyles for Older Women today

Blonde Volumized Layered Hair

Old women hairstyles

To ensure you continued growth, health and shine we recommend women over 50 follow the basics! Yep nothings changed girls!

  1. Embrace Regular Maintenance: Schedule frequent salon appointments for trims and touch-ups to keep your hairstyle fresh and polished.
  2. Prioritize Hair Health: We all know health becomes much more of a priority the older we get and that should include scalp health! Invest in high-quality hair care products tailored to your specific needs, and incorporate nourishing treatments
  3. Confidence is Key: Regardless of your age or societal expectations, the most attractive accessory any woman can wear is confidence. The women in the gallery prove it!