The Best Chris Bumstead Haircut Moments

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The admiration around a body builders physique by extension leads to other areas of their appearance being a point of interest which would explain the Chris Bumstead Haircut.

Societal attitudes and trends towards male appearances change all the time and that’s evident when body builders grooming routines are starting to influence the masses!

Our editorial covers all Chris Bumstead haircut styles with a gallery

Chris Bumstead’s Hair Type

Chris has type 1 hair, more commonly known as straight hair. This hair type doesn’t have a natural curl, so hair falls down without any waving.

Chris Bumstead's Hair Type

Type 1 hair provides a versatile canvas for different hairstyles. This hair texture allows easy styling, making it ideal for experimenting with various looks. You can perm, cut, or style it any way you want.

If you’re a man with type 1 hair, you might take inspiration from Chris Bumstead’s different haircuts, as outlined below.

Chris Bumstead Haircut: A Glimpse at His Iconic Styles


The mullet became popular due to 90s artists like Billy Ray Cyrus, The Beastie Boys, and David Hasselhoff.

Chris Bumstead Mullet

But did you know that the mullet goes back long before that?

Warriors of long ago wore it to prevent their hair from straying into their faces so they could see their enemies better. 

Chris Bumstead Haircut in a mullet

Although there are no hard and fast rules on haircuts or hairstyles in bodybuilding, having hair fashionably away from the face is more presentable and efficient. 

The mullet features longer hair at the back and shorter hair at the front, creating a bold and unique appearance. That difference in hair length provides a very distinguishable contrast that looks too good on Chris as it perfectly frames his square face, broad forehead, and thick neck.

Vogue Magazine has an apt moniker for this haircut: business up front with a party in the back. And Chris has effortlessly embraced the mullet trend, setting a new standard for bodybuilders and inspiring many to follow suit.  


The quiff is another haircut that looks cool on Chris Bumstead.

Chris Bumstead Haircut in a quiff
The long hair at the front, swept upward and backward, creates height and volume.

The quiff exudes a confident and stylish vibe, perfectly complementing Chris’s physique and overall appearance. It’s Chris’s go-to hairstyle whenever he hangs out with friends.

At one time or another, celebrities like Robert Pattison and David Beckham have sported this classic and timeless haircut.

It’s so versatile you’ll have many options to choose from. There’s the undercut quiff, pomps, side-swept bangs, and even a messy quiff!

Side Quiff

Perhaps the quiff is one of Chris’s favorite haircuts, as he also experimented with a variation of it – the side quiff.

Side Quiff

In this haircut, Chris’s hair is short at the back and the sides, but instead of sweeping the hair up top, it is swept to one side.

This provides Chris with a smooth and polished appearance. It’s not a drastic change from the original quiff, but still looks different.

So if you’ve got a quiff and you’re getting tired of it, try the side quiff. As Chris did it, sweep your hair to the side and you’re done.

Comb Over

Chris Bumstead has rocked the comb-over hairstyle for a more refined and polished appearance.

This haircut involves combing the hair to one side, creating a neat and structured look.

This haircut is an excellent option for formal events or when you want to exude a sophisticated charm. Chris’s impeccable grooming shows how bodybuilders pay attention to even the smallest details of their overall image.

And the great thing with the comb over is that you can do this with almost any haircut. Just apply some pomade on your hair, comb it backwards, and voila – you’ve got ready-to-go hair in just a few minutes.


In one of his photos, Chris Bumstead sports a brushed-back hairstyle, one of the most versatile haircuts out there.


Chris’s version of this hairstyle is actually a slick-back brushed backwards.

It enhances Chris’s strong features and highlights his facial structure, adding an extra touch of manliness to his overall appearance.

Long Ponytail

Did you know that Chris used to have long hair which he tied back into a long ponytail? That was before he experimented on shorter hair.

This was during his younger years, when he was only about 18-19 years old. When he was 19, he even competed with his hair tied into a man-bun. And yes, a long ponytail and a man-bun look good on bodybuilders, as they keep their hair in place, so it (hair) doesn’t interfere with their movements.

Long hair

During the pandemic, he wore his hair long, curls and all.

He was just like most people during those trying times – unable to leave the house or even get a barber for home service due to the restrictions.

Nevertheless, he still looked cool, even if he made fun of his post, as can be seen from his social media post.

Middle-length Square Haircut

We can say that even before Chris Bumstead became a very famous bodybuilder, he was already up-to-date when it came to his looks.

Some time in 2010, he sported a middle-length square haircut, which was popular that time. In this type of haircut, the hair is usually cut to a uniform length.

The square cut emphasized the sharp angles of Chris’s square face, which gave him a more angular, masculine look.


One of Chris’s alternative haircuts is the undercut.


In this hairstyle, Chris has very short hair on the back and sides, with only some taper, then with more hair on top, which Chris forms into a pompadour. This cut also emphasizes Chris’s angular features.

This type of haircut has been around for ages, so thanks to Chris, in part, for its resurgence.

Curly tops with taper

Chris also looks good with his curly-on-top with taper haircut.

curly top with fades

His curls are very distinct, then the hair on his sides gently taper, and seemingly connect with his beard. This haircut frames his face so well. 

Drop Fade

The drop fade, which is a version of the classic fade, drops behind the ear, as its name implies. It creates an arc shape while creating a unique section.

It flatters Chris’s square face, giving him a neater and fresher look.

The thing with drop fades is that you’ll have styling options. You can brush it back or mess it up, as Chris sometimes does.

Slick back

And let’s not forget the haircut that Chris wore when he won Mr. Olympia – the slick back with fade. It perfectly frames Chris’s angular face, making it look chiseled, as if he was a demi-god of sorts!

In most of Chris’s haircuts, you can see that he prefers the short, clean look. Not only do they look good on him – his haircuts also exude his masculinity and power!

And if you notice, his haircuts are mostly easy to maintain. He just adds some products into his hair, combs or brushes it the way he wants, and off he goes to his training.

How to Get the Chris Bumstead Haircut

If Chris Bumstead’s mullet hairstyle inspires you and you want to try it, here are some tips to get it right:

  • Do your research. Find a good hairstylist who specializes in men’s haircuts. Ask family and friends where they’re getting their hair done. It also pays to check reviews on hairstylists’ websites and social media platforms. Use the Chris Bumstead haircut hashtag for faster research. You’ll find loads of videos and pictures from hairstylists who can do the cut you want.
  • Let the hairstylist know. Mention the haircut that you want. For example, if you’re looking for a mullet haircut, describe the longer length at the back and the shorter length at the front. Better yet, show your stylist a photo of the Chris Bumstead haircut that you like. It will help your stylist understand your vision more clearly. 
  • Use the right products. In one of his Instagram posts, Chris shared that he’s using Losovero Grooming products. Just use the right amount. When it comes to hairstyling plenty doesn’t always mean good. There are plenty of online tutorials on the amount of hair products you should use for your hair type, length, and style.
  • Take care of your hair. A good haircut always starts with healthy hair. To achieve this, you should eat a balanced diet, drink plenty of water, and avoid salty and sugary foods as these tend to affect your hair’s texture and overall appearance.

So there you have it, twelve of Chris Bumstead’s haircuts along with some tips on how to get the haircut that you want.

Chris Bumstead’s ever-changing hairstyles have inspired many people, which only shows how bodybuilders can now influence male grooming trends. Whatever his haircut – mullet, square, undercut, among others, you can be sure that Chris will rock it, despite the rumors about his receding hair.

Whether you’re a bodybuilder or not, and  you’re looking for trendy, great-looking haircuts, be inspired with Chris Bumstead’s haircuts.

All you need to do is take a picture of your desired CBum haircut, show it to a reputable hairstylist, and you’ll have the haircut that you want.