25 Iconic Taylor Swift Hairstyles (Detailed Gallery)

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From her signature blonde ringlets to her ‘Folklore’ bangs, Taylor Swift’s hair transformations not only complement her musical eras but also set trends and capture the eyes of the pop world.

Since her debut as a global artist, Taylor Swift’s image has consistently captivated the interest of women everywhere. Our gallery serves as an inspiration board 💇‍♀️

Iconic Taylor Swift Hairstyles (Gallery)

Long Hair & Iconic Fringe

Taylor Swift’s early days in the spotlight were marked by her luscious long hair paired with the fringe!

Side Swept Fringe with Curls

Swift embraces side-swept fringe with cascading curls. This hairstyle is something we have seen continuously on the star.

Fringe with Up Do

Taylor incorporates it into an elegant updo. This polished style screams red carpet!!! Save this pic girls!!

Short Bob Haircut

The transition to a chic bob haircut marked a bold statement as her iconic hairstyle are long locks.

Short Curly Bob Cut

The playful curls infuse her look with a sense of spontaneity and fun, proving that short hair can be just as dynamic as long

French Braid Ponytail

The braided ponytail captures attention, framing her face with a touch of refinement while allowing her to move freely.

Blonde Wavy Bob Cut

This daring colour shift marks a significant departure from her signature golden waves, underscoring her fearless approach.

Messy Top Bun

This effortlessly chic hairstyle embodies her laid-back charm, perfect for lazy afternoons or impromptu outings with friends

Stripes of Colourful Hair

Injecting a burst of colour into her hair for experimenting created an artistic flair and daring spirit. How far you willing to go?

Middle part with Updo

This timeless hairstyle pays homage to the golden age of cinema, showcasing her enduring appeal as a modern-day style icon.

Slick-Back with Off Centre Part

The off-centre part adds a subtle asymmetry framing to her face. It’s a bold departure from her usual soft wave.

2 French Braids

The braids not only keep her hair neatly in place but also add a touch of intricate beauty.

Subtle Wavy Ends

The braids not only keep her hair neatly in place but also add a touch of intricate beauty


The ponytail, combined with her signature fringe showcases her knack for turning even the simplest styles into statements.

Crown Accessory

Off Centre Part Bob

Side Bangs with Fringe

Side Swept Fringe with Long Hair

Tousled Bob

The tousled texture adds volume and movement, making the hairstyle appear natural and easygoing.