Skepta Albums: The Journey to Ignorance Is Bliss

Skepta announced the release of his forthcoming album Ignorance Is Bliss on social media sharing snaps of promotional billboards throughout Nigeria, London and New York with the release date being the 31st May 2019. Looking towards the future is always the move to make, however, we can’t ignore the past accomplishments as it creates the context to really appreciate the growth and career Skepta has achieved. Skepta Albums have created timestamps in grime culture and it’s important to see what each represented at the time.

Skepta and Wiley

A Brief History into Skepta and Wiley’s Relationship

Skepta and Wiley are 2 of the most prominent names and faces within Grime music. Status, success and without a doubt have together contributed to the foundations for the UK rich music scene it has grown to become, so why can’t the king of grime and the God father get along?


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