80s Rappers

80s Rappers that Dominated Hip Hop

While the 90s is often regarded the Golden era of Hip Hop it’s the 80s rappers who deserve all the praise for laying the blueprint and setting the foundation for Hip Hop Culture. The 80s marked a time in which we began to see Hip Hop go commercial, receive more national radio play and be introduced to the world through YO MTV Raps.

Rappers with Face tattoos

Rappers with Face tattoos

Since its inception Hip Hop culture has been centred on individuality and freedom of expression. This freedom of expression has taken place in many different forms such as vocal style, appearance & music visuals, however one of the more unconventional examples of this today comes in the form of rappers with Face Tattoos.

Tallest Rappers

Tallest Rappers in Hip Hop

The tallest rappers have always bragged about their height within music as it demonstrates masculinity and strength and we all know women love tall men. Our editorial will cover all the tallest rappers within the game and we bet you know a few!

shortest rappers

Shortest Rappers in Hip Hop

The shortest rappers have to fight that much harder to prove their worth in an industry that occasionally values physical appearance as much as musical prowess. But that begs the question. Who are the shortest rappers?

What Rappers have gone Diamond

What Rappers have gone Diamond?

The Diamond status first introduced by the Recording Industry association of America is a certificate awarded to artists who have sold 10 million copies of an album or single. While many hip hop artists have achieved platinum status (1 million copies) only the cream of the crop have achieved diamond status. So, if you’re thinking “What rappers have gone Diamond?” our editorial lists all the hip hop acts achieving this status.


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