Case Study on nike

A Case Study on Nike: Originality, Creativity & Morality

I got the Nike hypnosis, you probably got the Nike hypnosis & I’ll breakdown why in this case study on Nike. They have made us part of their tribe, were like their little mini soldiers when it comes to brand awareness and loyalty. We all wear their product, in fact, I’m in air max 1s as I type this out. And we love how it makes us feel. Athletic while feeling stylish!

Nike Air Max Independence Day

What is Nike Air Max Independence Day?

March 26 every year marks the Nike Air Max Independence Day which started back in 2014 intended as a celebratory day. Nike decided to pay homage to the start of its revolutionary journey which birthed the original Air Max 1 back in March 26, 1987.

Nike Patch

Nike Patch (Custom Patch AF1)

The Nike Patch has been a cool accessory that people have always bought to either Iron on the Embroidery or stitch on their clothes.

Now Nikeid wants you to be creative and patch your Air Force 1s!

Nike Adapt BB release date feb 17th 2019

Nike Tech Trainer

The Nike Tech Trainer is here – Nike Adapt BB is the smart shoe solution for athletes on the court. Lace less basketball trainers tighten by the app.


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