Stevie Wonder Hair (Detailed Look)

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With an ongoing receding hairline, thinning hair and bald spots there’s no surprise the Stevie Wonder Hair topic continues to make the headlines all throughout the media.

Our editorial covers his hair type, previous hairstyles throughout his career whilst taking a detailed look at his receding hairline.



Stevie Wonder Hair Type

Prior to Stevie’s balding we can see his hair texture is afro coarse hair which falls under category 4. From the image below we can see his hair during his early days.

Stevie Wonder Hair Type

His hair being afro textured would be the foundation of his hairstyles as he grew as an artist. We got to see Stevie in braids, twists and dreads.



Receding Hairline

Whilst his musical talents has placed him in a category of his own his baldness has equally garnered the same attention over the decades. 

There are many reasons men experience balding such as male genetics, having a family history of baldness or previous tight hairstyles.

receding hairline

In Stevie’s case we began to see his hairline receding. As time went on the bald spot would become much more apparent.




Stevie Wonder Hair Gallery

Throughout our archive Stevie’s receding hairline will quickly become apparent! You will notice as we go through the years what appears as thick hair and uniform hair begins to thin out and recede over time.




During the 70s the afro became a political statement and a symbol of black pride. After the civil rights movement the afro would become mainstream and seen on various artists such as Stevie Wonder and the Jacksons.


The beauty of his afro is that it marks time! All Stevie Wonder afro images takes us back to his early musical years. His hair was always well managed and kept since his status meant constant appearances in public.





The braids signified a new era for Stevie Wonder, having grown out his afro we began to see him get experimental with different hairstyles.


After his afro growth the next stage would be to place hair in protective styles which would explain his cornrows and knotless braids in the 70s and 80s

 In addition to this we also began to see him place colourful beads in his hair in support of his album Hotter than July.




On afro textured hair we tend to see people alternate between twists and braids since both protective styles provide a unique look.

stevie wonder hair in twists

Afro twists provides a more ropey aesthetic look which is different from the knot look of braids.

The image above was taken in 1994 and at this point we can start to see his hairline recede with more forehead on display.




Today we see Stevie in dreads which start around the crown of his head due to his receding hairline.

They are maintained with the twist and gel method which is then placed in a ponytail for his public appearances. As well as afros dreads are another black hairstyle which symbols pride and black unity.

Stevie Wonder Dreads

You know what’s interesting? The fact that whilst he can’t see his hair due to blindness Stevie refuses to shave the remains of what’s left which indicate how personal his locks are.



Final Words

At this point were unsure as to whether Stevie will cut what’s left of his hair, regardless of this he was able to have his hair styled in multiple ways during the course of his career.

Most men past the age of 50 experience some level of balding and Stevie is just an example of this. Yes there are styles and ways to get around it but sometimes your best bet is to shave it off.


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