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Steve Harvey’s hair and mustache has been a trademark look for the comedian since his debut back in the late 80s, evident by the thousands of costumes sold on Amazon mimicking his style.

Prior to going bald Steve made all TV appearances in his classic faded high top and mustache, show time at the Apollo, the Steve Harvey show, and the kings of comedy, you were guaranteed to see his signature look. 



Steve Harvey Hair (Previous vs Current Look)

steve harvey hair throughout the years

Previous: As Steve Harvey began to achieve mainstream success his public appearances increased which therefore required a frequent barber.

His faded high top was always kept intact and styled. We can’t think of a time we ever saw Steve not looking his sharpest.


Currently: Today however Steve has completely gone bald having made the decision during his late 40s.

He has often joked about having to put his personal barber on suicide watch due to ending their long term relationship which meant the end of a high payment client; however, Steve Harvey did give him a huge severance pay. 



Why did Steve Harvey cut his hair?

So why did Steve Harvey cut his signature look? In the video below Steve explains the need to rebrand himself with a new look.


Whilst we do believe that we must also factor in that Steve was 49 making the big decision. As most are aware men begin to bald at that age which we believe played a significant part in his decision to go all out.

Some have even stated Steve to have worn wigs on TV. Whilst Steve is under no obligation to share such personal details and make no mistake going bald is a very sensitive process for a lot of men people do feel Steve should own up to wearing wigs in his prime years.

At this point does it really matter? We think not, hence why we won’t be looking deeply into it.



Steve Harvey Mustache

Steve Harvey Mustache

A quick search for the term “Steve Harvey Mustache “and you will find results of

  • Memes
  • Amazon sellers offering bald caps and moustaches
  • Multiple videos on the topic


When you have fans mimicking your style you know you got a trademark look and in Steve’s case this just so happened to be his mustache.

With the knowledge of supporters dressing up as Steve, this allowed him to join in on the fun. He has uploaded videos on Instagram showing himself carefully dying and maintaining his mustache. The result, his fans went crazy over his Mustache routine.



History of the High top Fade

The faded High top came into prominence during the late 80s and early 90s which would explain Steve Harvey choosing this as his signature look.

As rap grew so did Hip Hop hairstyles thanks to acts such as Kid n play, Big Daddy Kane and Will Smith.

Whilst those artists wore the style at the height of its popularity they also alternated to different styles. Steve on the other hand kept it this way up until he cut it all off.



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