The Current State of Influencers in Fashion

Written By Bakes

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With the internet at full scale maturity and dominance of social media, we have seen an influx of influencers working collaboratively with brands to raise awareness around product and campaigns. Though the term influencer may be a newly used word, brands have always sought after those with high influence and audience attention.

The current state of influencers now reveals a shift in culture with people now being able to obtain an audience through social media channels.

KATI CHITRAKORN of Vogue Business ( Retail & Marketing writer) produced an editorial entitled – How to sell fashion on Instagram without traditional influencers 

This article inspired the video above featuring myself asking Londoners about the current state of influencers, How can brands better work with influencers & what makes certain influencers stand out as opposed to others?

So check out the video above

Stay tuned for Part 2 of the current state of influencers as Heartafact will hit the streets of New York to find out what new Yorkers think.