Sofaygo Dreads (Detailed Look)

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Multiple bleach and dye colours, consistent trimmed ends and protective styles are some of the few reasons Sofaygo Dreads are a point of interest within Hip Hop and the dreadlock community.

Our editorial aims to cover the following

  • How Sofaygo started his dreads
  • Tips on getting dreads like Sofaygo
  • Image Gallery on his Multiple Dread Colours



How and When did Sofaygo Dreads start?

sofaygo dreads throughout the years

How: Sofaygo Dreads were either started with the comb coils or the semi freeform method.

Early images of the rapper show his scalp sectioned after a retwist whilst other images show uneven dreads and sections so we can only speculate between the 2 methods.


When: Sofaygo’s dreads were started in 2018 and has been growing his hair for over 4 years at this point.

Due to his hair type being a 4A or 4B this allows for his hair to lock and mature fast.



Tips on getting dreads like Sofaygo


The best approach to achieving dreads like Sofaygo consist of

-Comb Coils

-Trimmed Ends

-Bleached Hair

How do I get dreads like sofaygo

Comb Coil – Comb Coiling afro textured hair will allow neat sections to be created throughout your scalp which we believe Sofaygo did.

Trimmed Ends – As you can see from the image above Sofaygo consistently trims his ends to ensure it stays above shoulder length similar to 21 Savage dreads.

Bleached Hair – A popular style amongst rappers with dreads is the constant dying and bleaching. Sofaygo can be seen today alternating between blonde and pink dreads.



Detailed Look

In the video by Greatlocs below his bleached hair, trimmed ends, shaved sides, and protective styles are covered in detail. Check it out




Sofaygo Dreads Gallery



Whilst we have a large demonstration of rappers with dreads bleaching their hair in multiple colours blonde continues to be the go to look, from Lil Durk, Swae Lee to Sofaygo.

blonde dreads

Prior to his current pink dreads we saw him dye his entire head blonde. He wore the style for a few months on social media and live shows.




Not too many rappers can pull off the pink dreads look which is why we must give it to Sofayo here. Most attempts of this style by others end up in a shambles, whereas his dreads are intact with the full colour coming through!

pink dreads

Don’t do this yourself, get a professional or colourist to bleach your locks should you be inspired by the look.

bleached hair



Dreadlock Cornrows

At his current length he has been able to place his dreads in cornrows and other protective styles which allow him to have his hair up without any interruption.

protective hairstyle

Often wore with a bandana to compliment the style.



Other Images from our Gallery

pink twist out

pink hair


Do your research if you want similar Dreads

While there is a lot of conflicting information with regards to dreadlocks, we still advise you to do research. The most important things at the initial stage will be to watch videos online and make notes of the peoples dreads you admire.

We should also mention that its best you avoid placing any colour or bleach in your hair for the first few months as your hair begins to develop.

Sofaygo currently has semi freeform dreads.


Talk to a loctician and get a Consultation

Talking to a loctician is our best advise! They are the professionals who live and breathe hair.

During the consultations locitians will be able to have a closer look at your hair type, discussion process, hair products to use and avoid and parting systems.

Ensure you save the images of your desired style to your loctician and explain what you’re looking for.


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