Should Men Shave Their Armpits

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This common question – should men shave their armpits? – has always been a big fuss in society. Trending talk of the town, it has gone far ahead from being a mere personal choice that it initially was.

“Why shave armpits?”

“It’s not something for men to do!!“

You might have come across such comments in the past. Although many people earlier looked upon shaving armpits, things have started to improve lately.

Looking at the bright side— scenarios have tremendously changed for men who wish to get away with their not-so-needed hair under their arms. Not only Olympic swimmers or serial groomers but about 68% of men have started shaving their armpits. Now that’s a big win there!

Today we shall discuss why exactly men should shave their armpits, what are its cons and what is the right way to do it. Let’s dive in!


So Should Men Shave Their Armpits? Yes, Here’s Why

Less Odour

Your armpit has numerous apocrine glands which produce sweat. These beads of moisture are made up of steroids, proteins and various other chemicals. Additionally, your armpits’ hair forms a perfect environment for these sweat bacteria to breed and multiply.

If you shave your armpits properly, you remain free from such infectious germs and feel airier. Since men’s hair growth is faster than women, they need to shave their armpits regularly to not stay as unwanted, smelly freshers.


Better Personality

Most of the athletes are found to be hairless. Since armpits’ hair can increase the discomfort of performing in the field, they get rid of them on a regular basis.

Along with better performance, shaved armpits increasingly give your muscular strength a dashing look. This contributes to a better personality- one which others can admire.


Impacts on Looks

Your looks intensely get impacted by shaved armpits. When you sense the itchiness in your armpits, it’s undoubtedly time to shave or instead trim the hair.

There is no denying that certain ladies still fall for hairy men, but a man whose armpit hair has started making ponytails – the moment has come for you to remove them!



You should shave your armpits since it helps your body to remain hygienic by not letting the harmful particles of pollution stick around. Moreover, being hygienic and clean all the time also plays an essential role in attracting a lady. Bingo!


Why Men Shouldn’t Shave Their Armpits?

A coin always has two sides, and shaving armpits also comes with different perspectives. The long-held debate starting with, should men shave their armpits, continues till date.

Many people consider shaving their armpits the ideal option to get rid of the hairy region, but some of them also prefer to keep them for good. You may be wondering to find reasons against shaving your armpit’s hair- don’t browse yet for you already have them here:


Skin Irritation

Shaving a particular area of your body can make your hair grow thicker, pointed and prickly. This causes severe irritation to your skin which makes you reconsider your choice of shaving armpits.

Inevitable razor bumps and burns also come up with such painful, red and itchy armpits. Since our aim is not to end up looking like a wounded soldier, it is vital for you to think through and make an informed choice.


Looks less masculine

Not all women run after solid and muscular guys. Some of them resent such macho show-offs and start staying away from them. If you shave your armpits, you have a high chance of facing such situations with ladies possibly.


Since both sides have their points, you can now clearly decide, should men shave their armpits or not on your own!


How to Remove Armpit Hair? (If you decide to)

If you decide to remove your armpit hair by any chance, here are the steps explained in the most comprehensive manner:


Choose the Right Razor

If you have never shaved your armpits before, you should probably trim them first. Trimming makes it easier for you to shave since clogged patches of hair can cause severe pain when shaved.

For the proper removal of armpit hair, it’s essential to choose the right razor. Ensure to use a high-quality and safe razor consisting of a single and sharp blade.


Apply Shave Cream

Before you shave, lubricate your armpits with some sort of gels or, even better— shaving creams. This makes it convenient for you to take the razor from top to bottom without any cuts or snatches.

Additionally, using a translucent shaving cream assists you to shave in the correct manner.


Start Shaving!

So, it’s finally time that you now start shaving your armpits. Since hair grows in distinct directions, the most convenient way to shave is by going up and down and side to side.



Once you are done with shaving, make sure to pat your armpits dry. Then, at last, apply some smooth moisturiser to decrease the redness and skin irritations. Make sure to check your moisturisers before applying them carefully.


Since armpits are sensitive areas, the application of alcohol-based moisturisers can lead to skin burns and harmful reactions, so avoid them in such cases.



Now you are entirely aware of everything that comes under the sun for men armpit shaving. With these detailed explanations and nuances, you can opt for the most suitable method once you decide to bid a final goodbye to that undesirable hair under the arms.


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