Shoes to Wear with Shorts

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Many men prefer to stick to jeans and casual pants when going for the relaxed, chill vibe. However, men with a genuine appreciation for fashion know that even shorts can offer a classy, elegant vibe. Shorts are a statement when you wear them. All eyes are on you. Can you pull off the look?

Shorts are ideal for hot summer weather. Rather than feel hot in pants, you can choose to wear a smart pair of shorts to portray a cool, collected air. But when wearing shorts, there are certain fashion decisions to make. What shoes go best with shorts? In this article, we shall take a look at some of the best options for footwear with men’s shorts.

9 Shoes to Wear with Shorts

Shorts are some of the best articles of clothing to own as a man. However, sometimes it can take a bit of styling to get the whole outfit right. One of the most important items to plan is the footwear to pair with shorts. Some shorts offer a lazy and casual vibe, and yet others seem semi-formal. That is why you need to know your shoes. Here are 9 shoes to wear with shorts.


Boat shoes

boat Shoes to Wear with Shorts

Another favorite among classy men, boat shoes pairs insanely well with most types of casual shorts. They are easy to slip on and style with everything in your wardrobe. They can work for casual, formal, and smart-casual looks. Boat shoes work best when in block colors without any patterns. If you buy a few pairs of boat shoes, you will never have to worry about your shoe game ever again. To achieve a formal ensemble, pair your boat shoes with a crisp shirt, some chino shorts, and a blazer. Boat shoes will also go well with cargo shoes for that hot day out in the sun.



sneakers and shorts

Sneakers pair nicely with most shorts. Sneakers are a staple in every man’s wardrobe. If you don’t have sneakers already, you need at least one pair. For a sporty look, pair your casual or denim shorts with sneakers. Sneakers are best paired with jersey shorts for the ultimate active look. Wear your jersey shorts with colorful active sneakers with socks to show everyone that you mean business with your fun!


Minimalist Sneakers

Minimalist Sneakers

These are one of the best shoes to wear with shorts for men. Minimalist sneakers are all the rage in men’s fashion today. They feature block colors and simple patterns, for example, a logo. Block-colored sneakers are ideal for presenting a casual but elegant vibe. The trending color for male sneakers today is white. Minimalist sneakers are ideal for any jersey shorts. Minimalist sneakers enhance the laid-back air of jersey shorts and wrap up the outfit nicely.

Minimalist sneakers not only look great but they also give incredible versatility with what you can wear with them, here we look at the perfect minimalist sneakers to pair with your shorts



shoes to wear with shorts in summer

One of the most elegant men’s shoes in the fashion scene, loafers are the definition of smart casual. Paired with loafers, shorts can define an outfit that is leaning towards class. These shoes are great when paired with khaki and chino shorts. Loafers and shorts can even be worn together with a shirt and blazer for a semi-formal outfit. Loafers and chinos can be worn without socks for a versatile and elegant look for men. Keep your loafer colors dark and neutral so that you can pair them with many outfits.



shoes to wear with shorts

Nowadays, men’s fashion is pretty lax. And to take advantage of this, you need to get in a few outfits that pair well with sandals. Sandals are the epitome of casual outfits. Even though they might seem like a lazy choice, certain occasions call for trendy sandals. Sandals are ideal for hot summer weather. A day spent at the pool or beach can be tricky with shoes like a loafer or sneakers. You can pair sandals with almost any pair of shorts, including chinos, swimwear, cargo, or classic shorts.


Flip Flops/Sliders

short and shoes combination

Flip Flops and sliders recently entered the scene of footwear for men. However, they quickly grew in popularity because of the versatility and ease with which they can be worn. Flip flops are among the shoes to wear with shorts, but they should be worn with caution. Flip flops may impart an ait that is too casual for some events. They can be worn with jersey shorts at the beach or pool, but leave them behind when attending a family BBQ party.



shoes to wear with shorts

Slip-ons offer a great pair of shoes to wear with shorts. Slip-ons are easy access shoes that you can slip into on the go for a finished look. These shoes go quite well with sweat shorts for a casual day out with the boys. Be sure to select timeless colors for your slip-on shoes, like black, white, gray, and navy. These colors give you a lot of options and can be worn with most clothing items. They offer a casual vibe but can be dressed up for a semi-formal event. Slip-on shoes are great for any weather and go perfectly with both shorts and pants.


Desert boots

desert boot with shorts (1)

 Desert boots are one of the most comfortable shoes to wear with shorts. Their suede leather provides a luxurious feel to the whole outfit. You can wear these rich leather shoes with cotton shorts to complete the adventurer ensemble. These boots can be pulled off by any man as long as they know how to make them work with the right colors, patterns, and texture. Desert boots are great for casual outfits in the summer.




Espadrilles are another versatile shoe that will not look out of place when paired with chino shorts. In fact, they are a perfect option for footwear that depicts a casual ensemble. With its iconic sole and comfortable nature, it’s no surprise that this shoe is a fashion favorite. These shoes are easy to slip on for a casual day getting lunch with the boys. You can never go wrong with espadrilles, especially if you keep them muted with colors like black, blue, and navy.


Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s answer some of the most pressing questions when it comes to shoes to wear with shorts.

  • What shoes go best with shorts?

The best shoes to wear with shorts depend on two things – the type of outfit you are going for and the type of shorts you have to work with. Boat shoes and espadrilles are ideal when you are unsure if you need to be formal or casual. For a completely casual look, consider sneakers or classy sandals. A formal look can be achieved with loafers and chino shorts.

  • What shoes do you wear with casual shorts?

The best shoes to wear with casual shorts are boat shoes. You can never go wrong with these. It can be a hassle to style shoes like sneakers and loafers because of the different patterns. You also have to consider what weather you are working with. All factors considered, boat shoes work well with denim, khaki, and chino shorts.

  • How do you wear black sneakers with shorts?

Sneakers fit perfectly with shorts for a casual and active look. If you have entirely black sneakers, you can pair them perfectly with almost any shorts to achieve a fun day-out ensemble. Sneakers work well with denim and active shorts.

  • Can you wear black shoes with khaki shorts?

Black shoes can pair perfectly with khaki shorts. In fact, one of the best colors of footwear to go with khaki colors bottoms is black. Black takes the attention off your shoes and onto the setup of your outfit. The best type of shoes to consider for khaki shorts are boat shoes, loafers, and espadrilles.

  • What color shoes go with denim shorts?

Many different colors go well with denim shorts. Since denim is mostly an item for casual and fun days, you can pair them with sneakers and boat shoes. Since white sneakers are in right now, they will tie up your denim outfit nicely. Black shoes are also ideal for denim shorts. Other neutral colors like navy and gray will compliment denim shorts well.