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The interest around Shawn Mendes Hair continues to grow each year as a result of the singer continuously making the sexiest men’s list.

His thick curls have been styled in all variations such as his short and long hair which men are recreating, plus they do say the best form of flattery is imitation.

Our editorial highlights everything from his hair type, signature hairstyles whilst we reveal the hair products he uses.

Shawn Mendes Hair Type

Shawn Mendes hair type is thick and curly which falls under category 2 and 3 which we have highlighted in the imagery below.

shawn mendes hair type

We can identify is hair type being 2C or 3A since the root of his hair begins in loose curls as well as being thick in density. Hair type is determined by genetics and his is dark brown.

Shawn Mendes Hair Gallery


Long Curls

Mendes’s curls became much more accentuated with his long hair and this became his signature look for years prior to his new look.

long curly hair

During his long curls period we saw the singer had his hair placed in a ponytail, manbun and worn out in messy curls.

He grew out his hair as a result of the pandemic which was a perfect opportunity not only for him but for men to get experimental with their hairstyles.

shawn mendes curls

This all came to an end back in Feb 2021 when he shared the first look via his Instagram story writing “Goodbye long hair”. Guess we have the images for memories.

Medium Length

His medium length cut allows us to see the natural movement of his hair whilst also highlighting his curls.

medium length hair

With a small amount of product used to define his curls this allows for it to be styled in multiple ways, sometimes strands falling on his face and other times hair all on top.

In an episode of GQ’s Cant live without Shawn revealed his Kevin Murphy hair paste which he frequently uses on his medium length hair!

Not much maintenance is required in comparison to long hair but you will still need to take care of it and the right products is how you start.

Shawn Mendes Hair Short

The first impression of an artist lasts forever whether it be musically or seeing them for the first time and in Shawn’s case we were introduced to him in his relatively short haircut.

short cut

It’s no different to the multiple Justin Bieber hairstyles we have seen, it could be Justin Bieber dreads, quiff or short hair the world will always remember his wings haircut.

At this point Shawn’s hair was cropped up and around the ears with his sides shorter and that was the haircut he introduced to the masses. Though he has gone on to style his signature long and medium hair we can’t forget how it started

What does Shawn Mendes use in his hair?

We won’t keep you waiting for much longer, the secret product – Moroccan oil’s moisture-rich Hydrating Styling Cream.

What does Shawn Mendes use in his hair

Back in 2020 Shawn revealed the miracle products in an interview with GQ which he said kept his curls hydrated and defined and this can be the same for you if you have fine hair. 

We can speak from experience here; the product is great especially if you’re wanting to detangle strands whilst adding vitamins to your hair and giving it a shine. I mean your were the brand free promo, anyway it’s a great investment that will go a long way!

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