Sharife Cooper Hair (Detailed Look & Gallery)

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Our gallery features Sharife Cooper Hair styled in multiple protective styles which he has worn since his NBA draft season. Some of the most reoccurring styles range from his,

  • Afro with Twisted Ends
  • 2 Strand Twists
  • Hair Tied-Up
  • Braided Man Bun

The modern athlete is meticulous about their hair and appearance which is evident by their grooming routines which we see on social media.

Our editorial highlights his signature hairstyles along with a gallery of other styles he alternates between!

The Best Sharife Cooper Hair Moments

Afro with Twisted Ends

One of the most distinctive features during his time as a college athlete was his large afro which had twisted ends.

Sharife Cooper Hair in an afro

Sharife grew his afro hair out, further extended its length and volume with a blow dryer and then finished off by having his ends twisted.

His twisted ends were either achieved by using his fingers or a sponge that was rotated around his mane to achieve this look.

We also see Sharife combine his twisted afro with a temple fade on the sides. A temple fade on the side helps creates contrast and further brings attention to his twists.

2 Strand Twists

With a long enough afro the foundations are set to begin styling hair in protective styles such as his 2 strand twists which has become his signature look.

Sharife Cooper Hair in 2 strand twists

Black NBA athletes continue to style their hair this way for its protective benefits mostly, for example we often see Brandon Ingram Braids in this style.

The nature of the style is simple as it often involves taking only 2 strands of hair and wrapping them around each other to create the rope like look.

In addition to this the style can last up to 6 weeks which saves athletes a great deal of time and if protected at night with a durag they can last even longer.

There’s no question about it, 2 strands are amongst the best protective braid styles to keep your hair looking fresh.

Hair Tied-Up

Sharife cooper hair being tied up or down simply comes down to preference. He will often have it tied up during game days to ensure minimal facial interference.

twists tied up

Often referenced too as the pineapple hair bun method since hair is gathered in the centre of the head and tied upwards.

Were also able to get a better view of his shaved sides once hair is tied up, showing his gradual fade!

Outside of it having aesthetic benefits we often see this being used for its practical benefits during high intense activities or to protect hair during sleep.

He will often alternate between braids and twists but the one consistent is his pineapple bun styling on both styles.

Braided Man Bun

The braided man bun is both practical and aesthetically pleasing which is something worn by the athlete during practice and game days.

braided man up

The most distinctive thing about this hairstyle is the wider taper fade on the sides and front.

Prior to his hairstyle we were mostly accustomed to his subtle temple fade and today its wider on the sides and runs along the front of his head.

With his fade area being as wide it is he can have the option to morph into a braided high-top look by further shaving the sides or keeping it as it is.

Whilst hair can remain in a protective style for weeks on end we do recommend that a co wash is apart of your routine if you decide to select a similar style.

Co washing is simply the practice of using conditioner instead of a shampoo to help remove product build up and dirt.

Yes, the hairstyle is great for protective styling but it huge part of your routine needs to be around maintenance.

Extended Gallery

Sharife Cooper Hair tied up

Key Take Away: Maintenance

Both curly and coily hair types require maintenance to preserve its health and look. Grooming practice need to be set in place which are simply, ensure that you

  • Oil your scalp
  • Keep braids in for a maximum of 6 – 8 weeks
  • Protect hair at night or doing any physical activity
  • Moisturise your Hair

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