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The seven-time All-Star player and hall of famer was a vital component to the Chicago Bulls’ six NBA championships in the 90s which has continued to make him a person of interest today, hence ‘Scottie Pippen Hair’ being a topic of discussion.

During his prime years with the Bulls we saw Scottie keep his hair neat and basic, today however his hair has been styled in multiple ways which we will be exploring.  



Scottie Pippen Hair Gallery



Scottie Pippen Hair in the 90s

Since his heyday Scottie has shared his love for the hairstyle via his social media account, see below.

Scottie Pippen Hair in the 90s

Through our archives we can see multiple images of Scottie in his distinctive low high top. Shaved sides with a low afro on top.

The increase in popularity came from athletes like Scottie and rappers such as Will Smith continuously styling their hair this way during the 90s!



Afro Twist Out

Since his retirement we have witnessed multiple different Scottie Pippen Hairstyles with the twist out being one of his favourites.

Scottie Pippen Hair in a twistout

In an exclusive interview and photoshoot with GQ to discuss the creation of his first liquor we were able to see a new style from the athlete.

The twist out taking place because of hair being unravel from his twists or braids! Nothing screams retirement more than a man relaxed in a suit with his hair loose!




Scottie first debuted his braids during a 2020 interview with ESPN!

This reveal instantly went viral on social media due to the athlete never really swaying far away from his signature high top look even after retirement.

scottie cornrows

One thing is apparent about this, he is enjoying experimenting with different styles! The Allen Iverson Braids effect still influential to players even off the court. 




Outside of his braids we have also seen images of Scottie in 2 strand twists! Twists for men are the perfect alternative to braids as their similar in appearance but offer a ropey aesthetic.


This protective style can be seen on Scottie via his social media pages, interviews and on public appearances.



Sponge Twists

One of the first styles we saw from the athlete was the sponge twists.

sponge twists

Simply achieved with a sponge by rotating this around afro hair to create the twists and coils throughout his entire head! To finish off we can see faded sides!

Remember to always start with slightly damp hair, apply a leave in conditioner or liquid spray and rotate the sponge all throughout your hair.



Key Take Away: Maintenance!

Inspired by the Scottie Pippen Hair gallery? Wanting to achieve the same results? Keep on reading

Whether it be braids, cornrows or twists each requires the upmost care and to ensure this is implemented in your routine we have listed the most important parts of the process. This is not complicated at all, just requires discipline, ensure you

  • Oil & spray your scalp
  • Keep braids in for a maximum of 6 weeks
  • Protect hair with a sleeping cap at night
  • Moisturise your Hair


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