Russell Westbrook Braids (Gallery)

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Contemporary basketball players have a great stake in ensuring their personal style is highlighted on the court which is evident by the many Russell Westwood braids we’ve witnessed.

Though he has reverted to the buzz cut we have documented archives which show the player in his braided look on the court, off the court whilst also being used in NBA 2K videogames.

Russell Westbrook Braids Gallery


Braided Manbun Braids

Russell Westbrook braids became extremely versatile as the months went on as each week, we saw him in different styles

Russell Westbrook Braids in 2019

Russell Westbrook Braids with shaved sides

braided manbun

From Viking braids to Cornrow man buns, there are several ways you can braid bun your hair for similar looks.

In addition to this Russell kept the sides regularly shaved to maintain a clean look!



Off scalp Braids

Outside of the braided manbun we saw the athlete alternate to off scalp braids.

off scalp braids

Similarly to the braided man bun it’s great for its versatility as it can be styled in multiple ways all the while being a practical hairstyle that benefits hair growth in the long run due to minimal brushing and combing.

The off scalp braids can be styled in multiple ways which creates options for you, thick braids, thin braids, on and off scalp or completely off scalp.



Other Russell Westbrook Hair Style


Copper Fade

In the video below GQ mimic the popular Russell Westbrook fade which he is widely known for. Whether that be on natural or dyed hair he continues to style his signature hair this way. Take a look!


This would also be the set up for his fohawk. Shaven on both sides of his head leaving just a strip of long twisted hair on the top created with the sponge.  


Stars Hairstyle

During the Met Gala 2021 walk through Westbrook dyed his hair and had stars patched into it with different colors.

dyed hair

While this may have been out of the ordinary and off the court the Met Gala usually has celebrities ensuring they get creative and daring.

This was immediately compared too Dennis Rodman Hair having also been an athlete known for having outlandish daring styles that had the world talking.




Buzz Cut

Our documented archives feature a young Russell Westbrook with the buzz cut.

buzz cut

For most players entering the game the focus tends to be performance and integrating within the team.

As times progress these same athletes become much more experimental with their hairstyles, however it always usually starts with the buzz cut!



Russell Westbrook Braids in NBA 2K

In the latest versions of NBA 2K we can see Russell Westbrook braids being captured in accurate detail. To ensure the game is as realistic as possible developers ensure to mimic players current and signature look.

Russell Westbrook Braids in NBA 2K

For example, James Harden Hair can be seen in the most recent games featuring his most recent styles.



Key Take Away: Maintenance!

Inspired by the Russell Westbrook Braids gallery? Wanting to achieve the same results? Keep on reading

Whether it be braids, afro or ponytails each requires the upmost care and to ensure this is implemented in your routine we have listed the most important parts of the process. This is not complicated at all, just requires discipline, ensure you

  • Oil & spray your scalp
  • Keep braids in for a maximum of 6 weeks
  • Protect hair with a sleeping cap at night
  • Moisturise your Hair

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