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Throughout Pusha T’s rap career he has alternated between cornrows and braids, however braids are his signature look which would explain why fans refer to his hairstyle as “Pusha T Braids”.

We featured Pusha T in our Rappers with Braids editorial in which we discussed his hair not only being a part of his look but having sentimental value as it serves as a tribute to the passing of his childhood friend.

We will take a detailed look at the signature Pusha T Braids, cornrows and his buzz cut before his hair growth Journey.


Pusha T Braids

hair in plaits

pusha t braids tied back

pusha t braids in ponytail

pusha t braids in middle parting

pusha t hair

Our gallery showcases his signature look which often time is his hair tied back into a pony tail. These braids are a great protective style that can last weeks before needing a wash!

If you’re wanting to achieve a similar style then it’s important to maintain them regularly so they don’t get tangled up or break off at the root which would cause damage in itself.

With braids comes responsibility so ensure you’re wrapping your head at night, oiling your scalp, spritzing your hair with a conditioner and having wash days every 4 weeks.


 Cornrows Style

cornrow style 3

cornrow style 2

middle part braids

cornrow style

When Pusha doesn’t have his hair in braids then he’s sporting the classic cornrow look.

Cornrows were used by African tribes to identify each other & while we don’t live in tribal time’s today cornrow are still identified as a black hairstyle.

Artists such as Pusha choosing to style cornrows is a reflection of black history and culture representing itself through hip hop. Another protective hairstyle that has been worn in the genre for decades.

It should be noted that he predominately styled his hair this way during the early to mid-2000s.



Buzz Cut Days

buzz cut

We had to dig deep in the archives for this one! Pusha forming one half of the Hip Hop duo Clipse got their start in the rap game back in 1992. During the 90s we saw Pusha with a low buzz cut hairstyle as he rapped alongside with his Brother Malice.

These images may be a surprise for most as the masses are accustomed to seeing Pusha T with braids! It’s during the late 90s and early 2000s in which he began to grow his hair and change his look.

But we all got to start somewhere! While braids aren’t going anywhere any time soon neither are buzz cuts. Still popular among men who want a low-maintenance hairstyle that is easy to style, low-maintenance and gives a great masculine look.


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