Post Malone Hair Moments (Gallery)

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As his music dominates all corners of the earth Post Malone cultivates an intriguing image evident by his facial tattoos, padlocked earrings, and various hairstyles which further draws attention to his overall aesthetic. A signature hairstyle doesn’t exist when it comes to Post Malone Hair and that quickly became apparent.

Our editorial highlights his entire hairstyle gallery, having experimented with multiple styles we’ve featured them all.



The Good, Bad & Ugly Post Malone Hair Moments




Post Malone was introduced to the masses in his 2 big braids and this became his signature look up until the point of cutting his hair.

post malone hair in braids

In a 2015 interview with Tim Westwood Post Malone stated the influence for his cornrows came from the Hall of Famer Allen Iverson. He said,

“The first time I had braids I had the idea for the song white Iverson, you know he was the coolest person in the NBA so I had too”

2 big braids

Not only has Allen Iverson Braids influenced contemporary athletes today, but he’s also had an equal amount of influence on rappers with braids including post Malone himself.



Long Hair

As standard procedure braids are normally taken out every 4 to 6 weeks and in Post Malones case this resulted into his naturally loose hair being on display for the world to see.

Post Malone Hair curly

A statement hairstyle which allowed him to further stand out from his peers (as if his face tattoos weren’t enough)

long hair

He was the full embodiment of the saying long hair don’t care! Agh the good old days!




We’re not surprised Post Malone altered his long hair by creating a fringe, creative people get bored easily and this is the result.

Post Malone Hair in a fringe

There’s a thin line between pulling off a great fringe and a terrible one, and you know what, were going to let you decide whether he got this right or not.

fringe hair

As a rule of thumb we believe a long fringe is good for rectangular or oval face shapes.



Curtain Hair Curls

If there’s one thing this haircut did its accentuate his natural curls. Post Malone wasn’t afraid to experiment with new looks and this has been proven throughout his career.

curly hair

Whilst it was a very popular men’s 90s hairstyle thanks to the likes of Leonardo DiCaprio, Johnny Depp, and David Beckham the style has made a full resurgence back into the market! Fellas what you waiting for?  

 curly hair



Buzz Cut

Post Malone Debuts New Haircut was the headlines across multiple media outlets and social media platforms as his statement long hair was swapped for a more conservative look.

Post Malone Hair in a buzz cut

Unexpected at the time the decision was again inspired by the need to try something new, similarly to the reason he styled a fringe.

crew cut

In addition to this the attention immediately shifted over to his facial tattoos and beard and whilst we have multiple rappers with face tattoos his stood out for the symbols across his face, words, and images.

Amazing what a short haircut can do right!



Key Take Away: Maintenance!

Inspired by the Post Malone Hair gallery? Wanting to achieve the same results? Keep on reading

With most styles we have seen on Post Malone we understand each style will require its own maintenance routine, some more than others.

Therefore we have added the different procedures to ensure you maintain the look once achieved

  • Braids – Keep your scalp moisturized and keep protected at night especially if you have afro textured hair.
  • Fringes – See a hair stylist who will be able to advise the best level fringe to match your face shape.
  • Buzz/Crew Cut – This is the easiest on the list and simply requires you to visit the barber once a month for a haircut and line up every 2 weeks.
  • Long Hair – This is simple, but patience and let your hair do its thing. While you wait for it to grow ensure your eating healthy, drinking water and exercise to support your hair growth.


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