Pop Smoke Braids (Detailed Look)

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Music stars often times possess 4 main qualities which are quality of material, performance, appearance, and personality. Pop smoke didn’t lack in any of these areas, his music legacy is evident as it outlives him, his energetic performance documented for the world to see and his personality remembered by the Hip Hop community. Which lastly brings us to appearance, the fact that traditional braids styled in a particular way are labelled Pop Smoke Braids says it all. In addition to this Pop Smoke has been regarded one of the most influential rappers with braids, evident by the popularity of this hairstyle. 

Appearance in the context of a music star refers to hair, fashion choice & personal style. In the case of Pop Smoke his hair was a huge part of his brand and often considered his trademark look. When you think of Biggies trademark look what do you think of? Versace Shades, Coogi & Timberlands. What about Tupac? Bandanas, Jordan’s, Dungarees. Now what do you think of when you think Pop Smoke? His Braided Long Hair, Hence the term Pop Smoke Braids!


Pop Smoke Braids (Personal Branding Video)

We have linked our video which further details his braided style and just how influential they were. This is not a hair tutorial, but a look at them from a personal branding perspective.



Pop Smoke Braids Gallery

cornrows with side parting

tribal braids

pop smoke braids to try

How long do pop smoke braids last?

What are the pop smoke braids called?


What are Pop Smoke Braids?

Simply put, Pop Smoke Braids are nothing more than side cornrows with a middle parting. This style is sometimes also referred to as tribal braids. It’s a protective style the rapper wore throughout his career and became synonymous for.

As we detailed in the Video, the term Pop Smoke braids is evident of this fact.

This style is perfect for men, women, and kids who want something different from traditional styles such as box braids and a great protective style that can last for weeks. 

How long can they last for?

These braids can last and stay intact anywhere between 4-6 weeks. We don’t advise anything longer as wash days are important and something we believe its best you practice to establish the routine.



The Influence of his Hairstyle

Go to YouTube, type in Pop Smoke braids and there’s your answer.

His influence can be seen across both men and women wanting to style their hair this way.

Since his passing we have seen countless amount of millennials across the world’s major cities style their hair this way. Partly as homage to the rapper and partly due to his large influence.

Since the beginning of Hip Hop we have seen artist possess massive influence over their audience which is no surprise brands continue to collaborate with them in order to sell product and services.

The influence of his hairstyle is no different to the Wiz Khalifa black and yellow phase we saw back in 2010 with fans dying a small patch of their hair in a blondish yellow colour.



What Size of hair do you need?

Usually, these tribal braids require at least two feet of hair, but more is better as it gives your stylist more to work with resulting in longer braids but also short hair braided can be tight which we want to avoid. The longer your hair, the better chance you have for this style, or you have the option to use extensions. 

A popular trend with these Braids is the use of extensions and beads. We believe most people are wanting to give it length at personality. We should also mention that your line parting can be different to the traditional straight line as we have seen men with patterns down the middle. See imagery below

tribal braids style


tribal braids pattern style


middle parting braids


How to Maintain your Pop Smoke Braids

Having braids installed is a great feeling as it gives you a new look and confidence. To ensure you maximise your hairs lifeline it’s imperative the proper care and maintenance is applied to your braids. We have provided some tips below to ensure that they stay neat, tidy and clean.



Make sure Braids aren’t too tight

If you experience the pain of tight braids, this is your body informing you they need to be loosened or redone. Not only do tight braids damage your hair but you increase your chances of getting braid bumps and infected follicles which we want to avoid. This could lead to temporary or permanent hair loss, something we want to avoid of course!


Moisturize your scalp

We like to explain it like this, your scalp is an extension of your skin, and therefore it requires hydration and care. A good moisturizing routine helps it keep your hair bouncy, defined and healthy, but most important not dry. Find one best suited for your hair type.


Oil your Scalp

We mostly forget to apply oil on our scalp as were too busy focusing on the ends and length, yet it’s our scalp that hair grows from, therefore an oil routine is super important and non-negotiable.


Protect your hair while sleeping with a Durag

The main purpose of Du-rags and head wraps is to prevent stray hairs from becoming loose or tangled which creates the messy look. Protecting your hair at night keeps it in check.


Ensure you take your Hair out every 6 Weeks

As we mentioned before you’re going to have to ensure you let your hair breathe, then washed and it’s been advised for years that the 6 week mark is the sweet spot.

This is nothing short of good hygiene! Your hair has been exposed to multiple layers of dirt and environmental factors which requires up keep! Wash days are your best friend and it will repay you which shiny, clean hair.


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