POLO G DREADS (Detailed Look)

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Dreadlocks are perceived as either being part of a cultural or spiritual practice. In this case POLO G Dreads are a result of his neighbourhood influence and Chicago culture.

With the rise of Chicago drill artists over the last decade we continuously see new rappers with dreads enter Hip Hop due to the influence of those at the forefront of the subgenre and he’s a prime example of this!


Our editorial covers POLO G’s hair type, protective styles and his entire hair journey



How and When did POLO G Dreads Start?

 Polo G dreads throughout the years

How: At the very beginning Polo G dreads were semi freefom dreads however he now has them maintained at the root.

At the start of his hair journey we can see his afro with twisted ends which would later matt and form into dreads. He then transitioned into having his dreads maintained at the root and styled.  


When: Polo G began his dreads in 2018 and has been growing his hair for over 4 years at this point.


What are Polo G dreads called?: POLO G dreads are called traditional dreadlocks.

Whilst they were started as semi freeform locks they are now maintained to a pencil size density and regularly styled in 2 strand twists.



Detailed Look

Our video details Polo G’s hair journey from his afro to semi freeform twists as well as his current traditional locks. We also detail his hair type and reoccurring protective styles.  



POLO G Dreads Galley



Starter Dreads

Prior to his starter dreads we saw all appearances from the rapper in a thick afro with twisted ends which was the foundation for his semi freeform dreads.

starter locs

As times progressed we saw Polo G begin to have his roots maintained and sectioned into pencil size strands and box parts.

 starter dreads



2 Strand Twists (Signature Style)

The 2 strand twist maybe the most popular dreadlock style and one we can continuously see him do.

2 strand twists

A common question that comes up is “Does Polo G have dreads or twist?” Simply put he has both! To achieve this look he is taking 2 dreads and wrapping them around each other.

dreadlock styles

This then creates a ropey aesthetic look and can be seen all throughout his career which has become his signature look.



Half Tied Up

To stand out and create a new look we have seen him tie one side of his hair up whilst the other remains down.

polo g dreads tied up

This reminds us of Busta Rhymes Dreads, why? Simply because he was creative and animated with his hair.

polo g hair

Having dreads is one thing, consciously styling your hair in different ways is how your remembered and branded and this is what POLO G continues to do.



Twist Out

The unravelling of any protective hairstyle when it comes to dreads results in a curly twist out. Since his dreads are usually kept in a 2 strand twists once there out we can see his curly hair pattern.

twist out

curly dreads



Key Take Away: Maintenance!

Dreads require the upmost care since they can catch dirt or latch onto things easily.

Having some sort of maintenance routine is necessary for the health and growth of your locks over the long haul. Here’s what we advise

  • Oil your scalp
  • Keep protective styles in for a maximum of 8 weeks
  • Protect hair at night or doing any physical activity
  • Spray rose water on your locks to lock in moisture



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