Pete Davidson Height (With Visual Comparison & Proof)

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Pete Davidson Height has been recorded at 6’3 which makes him one of the tallest stand up comedians currently.

A common question posed is “how tall is Pete Davison?” as a result of various images showing the comedian to be of a similar stature when amongst tall rappers and athletes. We can confirm Pete Davison is 6’3

Check out our visual imagery for comparison, proof and measurements



Pete Davidson Height Comparison

Machine Gun Kelly can be seen stood next to Pete Davison in which the pair appear to be of the same stature. Machine gun Kelly is one of the tallest rappers at 6’3 and Pete is one of the tallest comedians.

Pete Davidson Height Comparison

Taking a closer look at the image we can see all parties have their feet placed on the ground which provides an accurate perspective on their height.


Another example image which promoted the curiosity around Pete’s height was the image surfacing of him stood next to Jack Harlow. Jack Harlow’s height being recorded at 6’3 also makes him one of the tallest rappers.

How tall is Pete Davidson


Lastly we see Pete stood next to fellow comedians Chris redd and Kenan Thompson who not only are both 5’8 but are amongst the average male height in America. When stood next to Pete we see him over tower them.

Pete Davidson and Kenan Height

Pete being one of the tallest comedians naturally means the same outcome would happen stood against other comedians in the industry.



Does Height Matter in Pop Culture?

Just ask Kevin Hart if height matters! The answer is No!

When it comes to comedy, its all about delivery, crowd control and great quality jokes! Pete’s height is secondary, he’s personality and talent comes first!

Yes we understand he’s noticed on his stature first but ultimately his success is a result of being a hard working comedian.


Artist Bio

Name: Peter Michael Davidson

Birth Date: 16 November 1993

Birthplace: New York City

Nationality: American

Profession: Comedian

Musical Debut: 2013

Net worth: 10 million + (Rough Estimate)



Final Words

As our editorial demonstrates Pete Davison is one of the tallest comedians to date making him a talking point in pop culture.  

When stood next to the tallest rappers or athletes it quickly becomes apparent that he is tall as they don’t over tower him as they would an average sized comedian.


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