Paul Pogba Hair (Gallery)

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Paul Pogba Hair to football is what Dennis Rodman Hair is to basketball! Colourful, loud and forever making a statement.

For the majority of his career we have seen the athlete get experimental with his hair colours and styles and our editorial has listed all of the best moments during his time doing so.


Paul Pogba Hair Type

Paul Pogba hair type falls under category 4, which is the tightest of all hair types.

paul pogba hair type

Those with type 4 hair usually experience dryness, breakage and shrinkage. Hair has to be well maintained and moisturized. This would explain why we see those with afro textured hair usually have protective styles. 



Paul Pogba Hair (Gallery)

Disclaimer: Applying any sort of chemical to your hair is a very risky job as this can lead to breakage or thinning if not done correctly, therefore we always recommend you use a professional.


comb coils

bleached hair

Paul Pogba Haircut

Paul Pogba Hair

red and black hair


paul pogba cheetah print hair

dyed hair

Who does Paul Pogba’s hair?

Its only a natural occurrence for fans to pose the question, who cuts Paul Pogba’s hair since the footballer is known for his weird hairstyles.

Meet the barber behind Paul Pogba’s famous haircuts, Ahmed Alsanawi.

During his time as a barber he has continuously made the atheletes look their best, whether it be for game days or personal occasions.


Final Words

As the images demonstrate there is no consistent hairstyle, each month you can expect something new from the athlete. The only shock associated to pauls head is when he decided to shave it bald.

Outside of this moment its quite clear that his brand consists of being unpredictable and daring!

In addition to this we have seen his haircuts influence the masses with fans often mimicking similar styles of support.


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