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While Omarion Braids are no longer a thing since the artist decided to transition into dreads, we have decided to review the various hairstyles during his career.

Some of these styles range from,

  • Braids & Cornrows
  • Blow Out Afro
  • Buzz Cut
  • Braided Man-bun
  • Dreadlocks

Therefore, in addition to Omarion braids we will cover all the styles we have been privy too. Feel free to bookmark this page should you be inspired by any of the styles you see.

Omarion Braids & Cornrows

Since his debut in 2002 with his then r&b group B2K, we have witnessed his various hairstyles in real time, however we were first introduced to him in his signature cornrows.

A voice alone wasn’t enough to stand out in R&B, artists had to formulate a unique look to set them apart from their peers.

In Omarion’s case we were able to witness his vocal ability, dance moves and fresh braids which today are nostalgic to look at.

Blow Out Afro

omarion afro

Omarion would usually alternate between his braids and Afro blow outs. This is normally to allow the scalp to breathe and release tension from the braids.

This can be achieved via a wide toothpick comb or a blow dryer. We advise that when you are doing a protective style for weeks you also enable time for it to be loose without any styling as he has done.

Buzz Cut

Back in 2008 he decided to make a big change to his personal look and switch the braids for the buzz cut.

As Omarion states in the video, he wanted a new look and was able to get this done with the help of his mum who is also his hair stylist.


Small Dyed Patch

omarion highlighed hair

For a very short period we saw Omarion place a small amount of colour in his hair. This was done to create a unique look for the singer and while we loved it he quickly reverted back to his natural hair colour.

High Top Fade

high top faded style

The high Top became a trademark look for the artist during the period of having shorter hair. A small yet distinctive feature was the line pattern he placed going across his head.

It should be noted that the high-top hairstyle traces back to 80s Hip Hop fashion and urban culture. A common hairstyle worn by black youth which has seamlessly stayed a favourite in contemporary times, evident by your favourite artists rocking the look.

Braided Man-bun

omarion braids in a manbun

omarion braids in a topknot

Having rocked the buzz cut for a few years he decided to change his hairstyle once more, this time for the braided man-bun.

With documented archives of this period, we can see Omarion usually styled his man-bun with tribal cornrows and shaved sides.


Moving on from the man-bun, Omarion decided it was time for a more mature look with his dreadlocks. Transitioning over meant keeping the sides shaved while putting his hair into locks which went onto mature into full dreads

His hair now down to his shoulders in length and thick in density. Omarion uses this to his full advantage as we regularly see him style his hair in multiple ways.

dreadlocks with shaved sides

How to Maintain your Braids

Having braids installed is a great feeling as it gives you a new look and confidence. To ensure you maximise your hairs lifeline it’s imperative the proper care and maintenance is applied to your braids. We have provided some tips below to ensure that they stay neat, tidy and clean.

Make sure Braids aren’t too tight

If you experience the pain of tight braids, this is your body informing you they need to be loosened or redone. Not only do tight braids damage your hair but you increase your chances of getting braid bumps and infected follicles which we want to avoid. This could lead to temporary or permanent hair loss, something we want to avoid of course!

Moisturize your scalp

We like to explain it like this, your scalp is an extension of your skin, and therefore it requires hydration and care. A good moisturizing routine helps it keep your hair bouncy, defined and healthy, but most important not dry. Find one best suited for your hair type.

Oil your Scalp

We mostly forget to apply oil on our scalp as were too busy focusing on the ends and length, yet it’s our scalp that hair grows from, therefore an oil routine is super important and non-negotiable.

Protect your hair while sleeping with a Durag

The main purpose of Du-rags and head wraps is to prevent stray hairs from becoming loose or tangled which creates the messy look. Protecting your hair at night keeps it in check.

Ensure you take your Hair out every 6 Weeks

As we mentioned before you’re going to have to ensure you let your hair breathe, then washed and it’s been advised for years that the 6 week mark is the sweet spot.

This is nothing short of good hygiene! Your hair has been exposed to multiple layers of dirt and environmental factors which requires up keep! Wash days are your best friend and it will repay you which shiny, clean hair.

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