Odell Beckham Jr Hair (Detailed Look)

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Outside of his athletic abilities and impressive football career the ‘Odell Beckham Jr Hair’ has been a topic of discussion continuously throughout social media all the while being emulated.

Named among the planet’s most stylish men, it only stands to reason why men continue to take a page from his book of sex appeal. I mean if the Odell Beckham Jr hair style could get you results why not try it right?

Our editorial will not only walk you through his most signature hairstyle, but his past looks too.


Signature Odell Beckham Jr Hair Style

In the video below Greatlocs details Odell’s signature blonde look. It is achieved by using platinum dye and bleach.



The best Odell Beckham Jr Hair Moments



Buzz Cut

You can pick the current trends, or the classics but the buzz cut is a classic which will forever serve men greatly.

buzz cut

A clean-cut quintessential style is provided by the buzz cut with faded sides as we can all see throughout Odell’s pictures. When you style your hair to a suitable standard all over your scalp, it instantly creates a more masculine look.

It doesn’t require any unnecessary upkeep, but it’s still fashionable and on-trend. A buzz cut suits all black males and can give you better waves or just keep a simple shorter haircut. You’ll often seem ruggedly attractive with faded sides, straightened up, and a thick beard.


 Short Hair

Odell Beckham Jr’s shorter hair shows that footballers’ hairstyles don’t have to be edgy and unusual all the time. A low faded side with a full beard, on the other hand, might give you a more edgy look.

Short Hair

When the tip of your haircut has shorter compact kinky curls to produce a distinctive texture, this cool short haircut for black men looks beautiful. Combine it with a long beard for a tough-looking à la Odell Beckham Jr.



 Mohawk Burst Fade Haircut

The mohawk worn by Odell Beckham is still a fashionable hairstyle. And besides, when properly done, this hairstyle is a fashionable and attractive haircut. For a bolder look, make sure the burst fade arcs around your ears and goes down, leaving longer hair at your neck.

odell beckham jr hair in a mohawk

Odell Beckham Jr. also likes to combine his fade with a full beard and line up for a more aggressive look, which is amplified when he wears colored or blonde hair on the top. Additionally, for a distinctive finish, ask your stylist for a cut style like a zig-zag, a shaved portion, and dual shaved lines.



Curly Hair with Fades

A curly fade is extremely versatile, as it can be used for practically any sort of fade. If you are not prepared for bald fades, you want to go for something short and high. And if you are not prepared for bald fades, you want to trim it off and keep a little additional hair.

Curly Hair with Fades

If you want to preserve your hair color, curly locks plus matching beards are a great way to look like Beckham Jr. You would like to sprout it out as he does, so it’s dense and obvious right away.



Undercut with Blond Curls

The bright blonde on top is countered by his darker hair beneath, on the sides and back of his head, making an undercut plus blonde curls his finest look. Odell alternates between several colors to create a stunning contrast that draws people’s attention.

odell beckham blonde hair

That’s an easy style to do since you can keep your original color underneath and simply bleach the upper areas, and also no hair product is required.

Nevertheless, if you want your curls to spring and preserve their volume, you’ll need to use a conditioner. If you want to preserve your original hair color, curly locks plus a matching beard are a great way to look like Beckham Jr. You would like to grow your hair out like his, so it is thick and obvious right away.

In many aspects, a blonde high-top afro is quite clean-cut. Beckham Jr soothes the towering, symmetrical lines created by the medium to high taper fade with a blend of blonde and curls highlights.

As is customary, there’s a natural undercut fading that highlights the various colors and makes them stand out. Seek the opinion of your stylist to give length to your hairstyle while also integrating smooth lines with short fades.


Medium Afro

Odell has been spotted with the medium afro hairstyle in the past. A medium fade afro keeps the natural characteristics of the afro hairstyle while giving a contemporary twist to the look.

curly afro

This cut is elevated by the structure of the curls, so do not be hesitant to allow your kinks to sprout out on high.

When paired with the mid fade afro and hair designs on both sides, the additional length produces an interesting appeal. To ensure that he looks more appealing and unique, Beckham Jr generally adds color to the mix. If platinum blonde isn’t your thing, consider pale yellow or red blonde hairdo.



Blonde Sponge Curls Comb Over

The comb-over with undercut golden sponge curls is sure to make anyone who wears it become noticeable in a crowd setting, including you.

Blonde Sponge Curls Comb Over

This is also one of Odell’s hairstyles and lots of fans have adopted it. Then add a short length, high undercut to complete the look. After you’ve achieved the desired contrast, comb through the fringe to make it sweep aside.



Final Words

If you’d like to style and cut your hair to resemble this superstar’s hair, then we hope the article has helped. The above sections his different hairstyles so that you can make an informed decision when you set out to do one for yourself.


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