No Matches on Tinder

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Having no matches on Tinder is a common problem amongst men that women do not seem to experience while using the app.

Due to the nature of the app being that there are more men using tinder thus lowering chances of matches as opposed to women who are flooded with potential counterparts is an indicator that some problems will simply be out of our control.

With that being said our aim is not to focus on what we can’t control, rather looking at what we can do to increase our chances of matches such as our display picture, bio, settings & how we treat the app.

Rather than dwell about obtaining no matches on tinder you have taken the stance of finding solutions to your problem, which is the right mindset too have. This is where we come in!

We are going to use this piece to explain why you are getting no matches on tinder and how to increase your numbers so that you’re not only getting matches but turning those matches to dates.

We HATE vanity metrics for social proof, for example showing your friends you have 100 matches yet no dates, we prefer you have 10 matches with 2 or 3 confirmed dates.


Why you have no matches on Tinder & how to Solve it


Swiping Everyone

no matches on tinder

Tinder’s algorithm punishes bad behaviour & here’s what we mean.

Just like most Dating apps Tinder uses a specific algorithm to learn about your behaviour and how you treat the platform.

It records you swiping right to everyone which is going to include

  • Spam profiles
  • Profiles with no display image
  • Adverts you’re not interested in
  • & women with low response rates.

Inevitably this is going to result in tinder putting you in the back of the que making it harder for you to match women. Something we are going to need to avoid moving forward.

Raise your hand if you’ve been guilty of swiping right on most women?

Yes, where guilty of that too. Now that you know better, do better!

Take the time out each day to carefully observe women you find attractive & believe you will form conversation with as opposed to just matching for the hell of it.



Unattractive Profile

Unattractive Profile

An unattractive profile picture is one of the top reasons for having no matches on tinder.

While individual attractiveness is subjective as each woman will have a personal preference and type your job here is to ensure you increase your odds to appear as attractive to as many women possible within your radius.

As I mentioned above while attractiveness is subjective, we are going to generalise and say this could mean ungroomed photos, too much filters, bad lighting, Low quality images, bad selfies and multiple people in the image.

We will get into more detail regarding the solutions to this later, however, such a problem is easily solved with some A/B testing, meaning you changing pictures around and making note of the ones bringing you matches.


Profile has been Reported

Profile has been Reported

Reoccurring profiles that have been reported by several different people results in the tinder algorithm placing you in the back of the que or worse deleting your profile.

While there are many reasons profiles are reported some obvious reasons consist of harassment, sending sexually explicit messages, or being rude and disrespectful.

While this may come across as obvious its worth noting that reported tinder profiles has a direct effect on how much matches Tinder will allow you to have.


Account Issues

tinder account issues

While cases of account issues will be rare and far in-between as Tinder is constantly updating and improving their interface there are still possibilities that your account may have experienced certain issues in its initial creation stage which will have a direct effect on how much matches you obtain.

If you suspect bugs with your account feel free to reset your account or submit a help ticket directly to Tinder’s support team.


Wrong Mindset    

wrong mindset on tinder

One of the most critical starting points is to first differentiate whether your problem is that you’re getting no matches on tinder or getting far less than what your used too.

We find that in most cases the problem is not that you have 0 matches, however, its that your experiencing a slow period which is perfectly normal.

Remember tinder was not created for you to swipe endlessly, rather it is a tool to swipe and socialise with your matches.

Shift your focus from wanting to match every girl under the sun and use this time to conversate with your current matches. Remember what we said before, its better to have 10 matches with 2 or 3 confirmed dates than 50-100 matches with no dates. Agree? Good!

The Solutions

Now that we have the problems out of the way we can begin to focus on the solutions. While Tinder have created a trouble shooting page which covers Trouble with Matches and Messaging we want to go into more detail, provide advice and finish off with a checklist!



Upload New Images

new profile image

One of the most important things to remember is that you only have 1 or 2 seconds to grab someone’s attention, so you better make sure your chosen image does just that!

  • Your first picture should show your whole face without any obstructions. Make it appealing while ensuring your well-groomed, have fitted clothes, straight posture but most importantly keep it simple. You’d be surprised to know just how well these pictures perform as opposed to others
  • Avoid group photos for your first image (Its best you can be identified straight away)
  • If possible, show yourself participating in a hobby or activity you enjoy for example, pool, DJ’ing, riding or cooking (HINT – Women love a man that cooks 😉)

Tinder is not the place to be humble, its all about being intriguing, bold and communicating confidence & personality through imagery.

Try Reverse engineering your final images which would involve questioning whether there good enough.

(Remember, don’t overdo it as you’re not her & she may like what you consider to be your worst photo, rather use this as a reference point to remove bad quality photos and poor selfies)


Revamp your Bio

revamp tinder bio

Your bio serves 2 main purposes

  • It allows you to show personality
  • Acts as a great ice breaker once you have matched

Most men believe bios aren’t important which is somewhat true. While bios are not as important as your display image women do take it into consideration.

You see men are more visual than women & women do appreciate a good-looking man but also love a man with looks & personality.

Use your bio to detail your hobbies, make a joke or draw attention to yourself.

An example of a good tinder bio would be “Are you looking for a bad boy? Then you’re in luck, I’m bad at everything”

What makes this good and stand out? Its self-deprecating and humorous. More best tinder bios 

Remember keep it short, sweet and simple


Reset/Delete Old Account

how to reset tinder

In some cases, the best course of action would be to delete your account and start a fresh. This is to allow Tinder to register your account as a new profile and treat it as such.

Now that your aware of Tinder’s algorithm marking against users consistently swiping right you will be able to apply a more selective approach with your new account. 

So, if you want to know how to reset tinder simply follow the instructions

  1. Open Tinder
  2. Go to your settings
  3. Select Delete Account option
  4. Once deleted go to your app store and reinstall


Purchase a Tinder Package

purchase a package

Tinder allows all users a maximum of 100 free swipes every day which is great as a starting point, however the more you begin to use the app the more you realize this option is not enough.

Purchasing a tinder package of your choice will solve this problem and increase your reach, allow unlimited swipes, give you the ability to change location & see who has liked you.

Tinder plus and Tinder Gold will offer different benefits however both will allow you the opportunity to increase chances of matches. It’s a small investment to make but one that will pay off if you revamp your bio, upload new images & apply the right mindset to matching.


Try Other Apps

wrong mindset

While the focus is on Tinder and how to approach the app moving forward there’s no harm in trying another dating app such as, bumble or hinge.

Downloading another app not only allows you the opportunity to connect with more people but will also allow you to apply the solutions we have shared with you here onto other apps.

Having no matches on Tinder does not mean you will experience the same outcome on other apps. Furthermore, having another dating app will increase your chances of success.


Moving forward

Now that your well informed with the right strategy & have obtained matches you will need to ensure your conversation is flowing. For this we created a guide on how to slide into dms.

While this was created with social media in mind the majority of principles apply here for example, how to start the conversation with common interests, not over complimenting and ensuring you get the number.


Checklist for your Tinder Profile ✓

Have good-quality photos

Show your personality through pictures

Avoid many group photos

Highlight your best features

Have a mixture of shots (Body and Head Shots)

Remove blurry, poorly quality, heavily filtered photos

Use the bio to demonstrate your personality

Link your Instagram & Spotify to Tinder

Purchase Tinder Plus or Gold, Now execute!


Final Word

Tinder wants its users to have a pleasant experience by matching them with others, that’s what the app was built for.

Remember, having no matches on Tinder does not translate to unattractiveness, it should indicate that the above solutions should be executed for results.

Tinder will do its best to bring you the best possible matches within your radius, your job as detailed above is to structure your profile for success while following best practices.