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In the twitch, gaming and streaming world talent is only the first part of the equation, the 2nd part is your image and personality which would explain the constant Ninja Hair colour changes and styles.

Throughout his gaming career he has used his hair as a canvas for art and experimentation evident by the multitude of colours were going to show within our editorial.

Ninja Signature Hairstyle

Ninja’s signature hairstyle alternates between his quiff and messy hair. In an interview with GQ he revealed that he uses hair paste to give it the flowy look.

Achieving this look will require you to also purchase a hair paste, wax or matte and distribute it evenly across your head for a similar look. The video below features Ninja speaking on his favourite hair products.  


Ninja Hair Colours

Traditionally, when most guys considered dying their hair, it was to cover up greys and seamlessly blend in with their natural colour to avoid any signs of aging.

Ninja Hair in red

Ninja Hair mixed

Today however it’s a creative expression which Ninja has made part of his brand.

With 13 million Instagram followers you would be right to assume that a large percentage follow him in anticipation for his next hair colour, it’s become a part of his identity.

blue hair

gamer hairstyle

Other examples within the space can be seen on XQC hair, we have seen a growing trend amongst fans wanting to recreate their favourite streamers hairstyle regardless of colour or not.

Key Take Away: Don’t be scared to try New Styles

From our editorial it quickly becomes apparent that Ninja continues to colour his hair and that’s a part of his personality since he’s creative whilst wanting to be daring. Ensure you also try different styles then select your look based on what suits you best.

  • Try New Hair Styles

    The messy hair look may work for you or the quiff, but make sure you experiment with other styles which suit your face shape. It may be the mohawk that ends up on your head, the point is be open to change

  • Colour your Hair

    Its time to get experimental and colour your hair which you can either do yourself or with a hair professional who colours hair and were going to advise you choose the latter.

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