The Best Morgan Wallen Haircut Moments (Detailed Look + Gallery)

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If Billy Ray Cyrus was the poster child for the mullet in the 90s then the Morgan Wallen Haircut takes the place today as we have seen every variation of the hairstyle on the country singer.

The mullet went mainstream towards the late 80s and 90s with a resurgence around 2015 which we can accredit to Morgan. 

Our editorial highlights his signature mullet hairstyles along with every other variation he has done.

Morgan Wallen Haircut (Mullet Variations)

Mullet Variation 1

(Short and Spiked at Front)

Mogan can be seen in the traditional version of the mullet here which is worn very short at front with a longer tail end.

 Morgan Wallen Haircut in classic mullet

The front brushed upwards, temple fade to create a subtle but effective contrast and hair long enough at the back to form a ponytail!

Whilst the nature of the style makes it distinctive it is also used as an expression amongst the younger demographic today as well as youth of the 90s.

The expression of course being going against anything conservative, making the appeal much larger for creatives and musicians.

Mullet Variation 2

(Side Quiff at Front)

Whilst the longer traditional version of the mullet exudes a rebellious nature we can see more subtle versions of it here too.

 Morgan Wallen Haircut with side quiff

At 1st glance you may not recognise that it’s a mullet which is what its supposed to do, seamlessly transitioning into a more formal look.

Hair at front once grown out can be styled either left or right with hair still being longer at the back.

Mullet Variation 3

(Brushed Back at Front)

We simply see Morgan taking the side quiff and instead brushing it backwards to create the look below.

 Morgan Wallen Haircut with hair brushed back

Like mullet variation 2 it is a more conservative look that allows you to blend into more formal environments, variation 1 not so much.

We would go as far as saying the reason for the rise of this hairstyle is solely due to men wanting to get somewhat creative whilst still staying within the lines.

Workplace culture has always seen men working in conservative looks, that’s not the case today, pay attention next time you’re in a modern office filled with many men.

Mullet Variation 4

(Short at Front, Short at Back)

The traditional belief is that all haircuts should all connect and blend whether that be short hair or longer hair, then there’s this, where nothing connects.

80s mullet

This is about breaking the rules and creating your own set of rules, look at variation 1 and compare it to variation 4, both similar in appearance yet this has a shorter tail.

The contrast of the temple fade allows us to see the difference in the hair levels at all areas.

I personally wouldn’t put my head in a mullet, yet I can appreciate the creative boldness of this Morgan Wallen Haircut.

Medium Length Hair

The medium hair length is the sweet spot for men and a great alternative in comparison to short or long hair.

Morgan Wallen Haircut at medium length

Morgans hair can be seen just above his shoulders, with a side part with sides grown out. The foundation of this can easily morph back into a mullet or something new.

At this length were also able to see his hair type and texture which is loose wavy hair.

This hair type will require more products such as gel stylers for a more defined look.


There’s an appreciation for the boldness it takes to rock the mullet, there’s even more appreciation and satisfaction when we get to witness how it’s done!

He reveals his dad was the inspiration behind his look as it’s the style his old man wore during his wedding day, so its not only a trend but has sentimental value.

Morgan Wallen Haircut Extended Gallery

mullet and moustache

Key Take Away: Have a Signature Look

Have a style and own it! That’s the lesson here.

Its best when you can select a hairstyle which remains the same in principle but can be styled in various ways which has been apparent by Morgan and his mullet.

  • A/B test your Haircuts
    Before you get your signature look you need to 1st find out what that is! Quiff, combovers, pompadour, slick backs, whatever it is pick the best one for you
  • Many Variations
    After you select the hairstyle best suited for you now its time to get have it styled in multiple ways, slick back? Then ensure its an undercut slick back then messy then medium length, then high volume! You get the point!  
  • Select the Best Products
    Product selection comes down to ensuring what you use is best for your hair type. If you’re unsure ask your barber or hairstylist.

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