Mike Tyson Hair Cut Rankings Throughout the Years

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Throughout the 80s and 90s it was hard to go a month without seeing the Baddest man on the planet make the headlines. As a result of this various Mike Tyson Hair Cut styles were featured during this time frame,

  • Crew Cut
  • Bald Spot
  • Signature Line in Hair + Fade
  • Mini Twists
  • Buzz Cut
  • Going Bald

Say to any sports or boxing fan Mike Tyson was the best at the sport and their will be minimal push back, outside of his godly work ethic and phenomenal strength his haircuts garnered a great amount of attention as we saw it change in real time.

Here are the rankings for all Mike Tyson Hair Cut Styles

Crew Cut

Ranking: 8/10

The year is 1985, and as Rookie Mike Tyson steps towards the ring he has everything to prove! His baby face is not congruent with his ruthless power!

crew cut

At the tender age of 18 we were able to see a full set of hair spring from his scalp! Whilst he would begin to try different styles as times progressed he started very simple with the crew cut.

Same level all around, short, sweet and simple! Any images of the crew cut essentially mark time and are a reminder of his debut years in the ring.

Bald Spot

Ranking: 0/10

Want to know why he earned his name as the Baddest man on the planet?

Mike Tyson Hair with bald spot

He went on to win 36 more consecutive fights after the debut, however this came at a cost, Stress! The physical signs of stress would manifest with his temple bald spot.

Years after his boxing career Mike explained on podcasts he was stressed out maintaining his status as the champion. To quote him verbatim,

“I was so stressed out being the champ about my hair was falling out and everything and so I put a line to make it look like a championship belt,” said Tyson.

Signature Line in Hair + Fade

Ranking: 10/10

As Tyson himself explains the line in his hair was initially used to disguise the bald spot he was explaining due to his stressful years.

Mike Tyson Hair Cut with line

Whilst the stress from financial troubles, championship titles and life got the best of mike the signature look would become his trademark and used in pop culture.

His appearances in cartoons such as the Simpsons or video games all had one thing in common his signature line at the front of his head.

In addition to this Tyson also began having his back and sides shaved off with ultimately drew more focus to the front of his head.

Mini Twists

Ranking: 5/10

In an attempt to save his thinning hair towards the front of his head we saw Mike begin to get creative and have mini twists installed, why? It’s a protective style.

Mike Tyson Hair Cut with twists

Protective styles prevent breakage due to there being minimal manipulation, which increases your chance of seeing length retention and this was the result as we did see some thick hair growing from the athlete.

Was it our favourite Mike Tyson Hair cut? No, however it wasn’t the worst neither, this style was rocked for the practical benefits as opposed to its aesthetical benefits.

Anyway Mike didn’t rock the style for long so I guess he would agree with us on that point. He went back to basics, the buzz cut!

Buzz Cut

Ranking 9/10

By the early 2000s we began to see Mike steer clear from any hairstyles in exchange for the basics, the buzz cut!

buzz cut

He kept his face relatively low whilst on occasion having his trademark line drawn into his hair!

Uniform short length used by military recruits and the police force all the way to the best athletes, its a go to simple look that’s yet to fail, also lets be real if you know your loosing hair you may just want to seamlessly transition from a buzz cut to a bald head!

Bald Head Era

By the mid-2000s Iron Mikes appearance is completely different to his debut look, large tribal face tattoo and a newly bald head.

bald mike tyson

You have to remember during this era we began to see more representation of black men in the media who were bald and praised for the look.

Actors, Athletes and bald rappers were becoming a sex symbol.

Add that to a list which already includes being the toughest boxer on the planet!

Mike Tyson’s bald head era is unmatched and as we write this he keeps his head shaven at all times! The only difference is his grey beard!

Nevertheless it suits him and here to stay!

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Final Words

So the award for the best Mike Tyson Hair cut goes too, drum rolls,

Signature Line in Hair + Fade


Whilst there have been many Mike Tyson hair moments its obvious this was one of the most influential styles at the time and became his trademark as a result.

Any cartoon or media likeness of Mike Tyson featured the simple details of his hair and one which marks time!

It’s easy to see why we give it to this style, agree with us or not? Let us know.

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