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Brands and retailers today make a conscious effort with regard to producing high quality underclothes for men. Today we have a variety of mens underwear types to choose from and have pieced together this editorial to assist with your purchasing decision.

We want to steer clear away from discomfort and ensure you understand the best men’s underwear types as it pertains to your body type and quality. Getting the best men’s underwear types in your wardrobe means you’ll feel relaxed the entire day, and your garments will hang better as well.

There is a unique thing about wearing new underwear. That crisp inclination as you take them from your wardrobe, the stiff fabric, taut over your skin, the soft thwack of the waistband. It sets you up for the day – whatever you are doing.

However, a simple underwear choice can define your day, as all that wriggling and tingling is enough to ruin it. There are various men’s underwear types, and picking the right fit for your body can be intimidating. So here we are breaking down the five popular men’s underwear types that would fit the right body shape. Before we dive into the nitty-gritty of mens underwear and their fits, ensure that you’re aware of your choices and select the one that suits you well.


Most Popular Men’s Underwear Types (With Insider Details!)



Best for men with more significant or well-sculpted thighs

types of mens underwear

Made from stretch cotton, or its silkier cousin modal, Briefs have a cut that flatters the contours of your body—the touch of elastane snugs onto your body, adding extra comfort. Designed as the short underpants covering the vital buttocks and genitals, briefs are perfect for the man with larger thighs. The leg hole curving upon the thigh shows off your “package” by framing it.

There’s no risk of fabric bunching, which makes briefs slightly uncomfortable, but if you’re a gym freak and have been working on those thighs, briefs sit low on the hips and enhance your flat stomach. Talking about the comfort bit, brief pouches hold your privates well, especially when you’re on the move or sweating hard, so the enhanced support is superb. Last but not least, the iconic Y-front has evolved a lot since its inception, so the fitted cut and higher leg adds natural style to it. There are three designs of briefs you’ll find in the market – low, medium and high rises, so choose the one that’ll fit you the best.  



Best for men with big and muscular thighs. Ensures maximum breathability!

Mens Underwear Types

Boxers were quite famous in the 1920s and have made it into the mens fashion scene after the Jockey-style underwear. If you’re not too much into wearing slim jeans and trousers, the loose boxers offer maximum breathability without revealing your insides. Boxers give your legs more freedom of movement, but it comes with a cost – they do not offer support. Also, if your thighs tend to touch while walking, boxers can be pretty tricky as it gets sweaty and later sore. However, boxers have evolved a lot from the traditional version – the bagged cut, bunched with an elastic waistband, are a thing of the past.

You can now get short and slim-cut boxers with a stretchable waistband, making it viable for men with lean thighs. So when we talk about breathability, boxers are the best pick for sleepwear and loungewear.


Boxer Briefs

Best for tall men having a broad posterior

all the different types of mens underwear

If you feel like briefs are uncomfortable while boxers too loose, here’s the best of both worlds – Boxer Briefs. The slimmer silhouette of this one of the popular mens underwear types does not reveal too much and offers all the support with thick-skimming powers. If you’re someone with larger thighs, boxer briefs avoid any rubbing or chafing between your legs. You can opt for the longer ones available in the market. However, while choosing comfort, don’t compromise presentation. Ensure that you do not get a pair too long for you. Otherwise, they may bunch up under your trousers. Boxer Briefs effortlessly solves the problem of briefs that do not provide enough coverage and deal with boxers’ loose waistbands. Boxer Briefs’ close-fitting fabric stretches over your legs, offering the ultimate halfway house.



Best for slim and short men with gym-honed thighs

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A mens underwear type that’s a shorter version of boxers/ Trunks is ideal for your sweaty workout sessions to keep your assets in place and give you the space to breathe. Trunks generally come with a keyhole fly, but the latest ones have an additional fabric pouch to provide support and enhancement. If you’re a gym freak, it is advised to wear a supporter, but if you’re doing in-home workouts or yoga, a pair of trunks is enough to keep it in place while moving. As trunks are shorter than boxer briefs, the hem falls just above the widest part of your leg. If you have short legs, trunks can accentuate your muscle and enhance comfort. If you want to wear shorts that cut high and chafing is not an issue for you, trunks are the perfect fit for your body type.



One of the best mens underwear types for guys with slim thighs

hipsters for men

As the name suggests, Hipsters has a belt that sits on, or somewhat beneath, the hips and midsection. At the front, there is a pocket to keep every one of your pieces set up and comfortable; to the back is sufficient cloth to cover the rear end, taut across the skin, adding some definition; and afterwards, there is a short leg, situated towards the highest point of the thigh. Low slung and sitting perfectly on the hips. Hipster can be made in pretty much any of the cuts you’ve found out about above. Trunks and hipsters are great mens underwear types that bring the best of all worlds, and it is the slight differences in detail that make them the best choice for so many.

Now that you have an idea of the best mens underwear types, here are some underwear rules you need to follow


Underwear Rules Every Man Should Follow

Get Your Drawers Out Regularly

Regardless of how well you treat your clothing, those tighty whities will go to grimy grundies in the long run. Ensure that you have a standard registration with your assortment of clothing (about like clockwork or somewhere in the vicinity) and discard whatever you’d be humiliated to be seen in by a substantial other.


Pick Your Fabrics Wisely

By and large, cotton clothing is an excellent alternative since it’s regular, breathable and will ingest a level of undesirable dampness down underneath – it’s fundamentally your most intelligent choice for consistency. In any case, in case you’re striving, things get somewhat more, ahem, hot, so you’ll have to search for textures that support cotton’s regular resources by wicking away dampness. A cotton-spandex mix is ideal for gym wear and should not be wrung out after you’ve accomplished a PB on leg day.


Size Yourself Up Properly

For reasons we will not go into, taking a stab at clothing shops isn’t an acceptable structure. Having attention to your centre size and adhering to a specific brand when you’ve tracked down the ideal fit is critical for solace, notwithstanding.

Clothing that comes up too huge will make them shift around in your seat the entire day, while anything that is more modest than it ought to be will remove your flow as opposed to helping your bundle-size matters.


Wash White Underwear in Non-Chlorine Bleach

Heads up!

On the off chance that you think you’ve dominated the craft of being an adult since you’ve sorted out that dying white clothing will prevent it from looking so goddamn drained, you’re, in reality, just an adulthood novice.

Fade will reestablish a portion of the previous magnificence of your white clothing. However, you’ll have to ensure it’s a non-chlorine assortment to procure that stunning splendour without unleashing devastation on your clothing’s flexibility.


Purchase Little and Often

Depending on the cause of others (ordinarily at Christmas) is a surefire approach to put a pointless strain on the smalls which live in your clothing cabinet. To ensure that all your clothing gets a standard break, ensure that you’re getting into the propensity for fixing it up on the ordinary.

This way, your jeans will not experience the ill effects of untimely maturing, and in case you’re naff at rim underwear rules.

Let your underwear reflect your style. There are many underwear varieties available in the market, however, we cannot recommend one specific brand or a mens underwear type. Go for slim and fitted boxer-briefs if you like refined dressing, bold prints in boxer shorts if you’re a trendsetter and retro-inspired Y-fronts briefs if you love vintage.

We’re sure there are ample mens underwear types for you to go for when you visit a store to buy your next stock for underwear. Ensure you know what suits you the best from now on and be as comfortable as you can. Did you find the guide on the mens underwear types helpful? Let us know in the comments section and follow us for more!


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