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Often times Men wearing pink are subject to scrutiny as well as being labelled effeminate due to the colour’s close association with females. At Heartafact we subscribe to a different thought process which is that Men who sport pink communicate confidence in self, boldness and style disregarding all external opinions.

What’s even more interesting about pink is that initially the colour was deemed more masculine as it was closer to the colour red. Throughout decades of conditioning, marketing and advertising the colour pink has been embedded in our minds as feminine.

Our piece will not only demonstrate real life examples of men wearing pink but will assist with your personal choices to feel confident in this colour.


Different Shades of Pink

different shades of pink

The colour pink has 5 fundamental colour schemes within the range from Bulgarian rose (far left) which is the darkest shade, salmon pink & the lightest melon pink.

Each shade featured on the pink grid will be used in different ways, for instance the lightest shade of pink (#FFB6B3) and lighter shades work great as complimentary colours. If you have a navy suit set this colour works great on a plain shirt. The middle shade (E41F7B) will be great as a statement piece demanding attention regardless to what fabrics it’s used on.

As a visual reference guide, we have featured all shades to demonstrate the best ways for men to wear pink.


Visual Examples of Men wearing Pink


Pink detailing can be found in many forms, for example the colour pink can be used in brooch pieces as accessories, pocket squares or belts.

pink accessories for men

Brooch – The brooch comes in many styles & is a great suit accessory. The pink brooch will add the finishing touches. Pair your brooch with a dark grey or navy-blue blazer.

Pocket Square – The pocket square is a great finish for formal ensembles. Usually crafted with silk fabrics a well-designed pocket square containing patterns of pink will add a simple sophisticated look to your outfit.

Belts – Purchase a light pink belt, white shirt and stone chinos for the best complimentary look. Our preference for pink belts will always be light shades or dark Bulgarian rose.

pink detailing



Using pink in a sophisticated way can be achieved with an exquisite suit. Traditionally matching set suits are black, grey and navy, the pink suit breaks this tradition while making the ultimate statement. Ensure your pink silhouette is either tailored or fits comfortably.

While most men wearing pink today are only using small hints of detail as demonstrated above it should be noted than an entire outfit can be of this colour and we advise to do so if you want to step out of your comfort zone.

Pair the pink suit with a crisp white shirt and black shoes or clean white silhouette sneakers!

pink suit for men

Our current stand out piece is the EXQUISITE DOUBLE-BREASTED PINK BLAZER from Reiss.



While neutral colour tones tend to be reserved for formal settings the colour pink is also a great alternative.

pink shirt for men

The right shade of subtle pink will seamlessly pair great with a navy , black or grey suit/trousers. There are many options from the oxford button down to business casual shirt in this shade.

The option for a same shade polo shirt is also available for formal wear.


how to wear pink example

For men wanting to wear pink, casual and workwear garments are great starting points. While we have demonstrated how to incorporate these colours into formal attire we understand most men will want to start off in a more relaxed manner.

Casual Workwear garments such as hoodies, bomber jackets, denim jackets and sweatshirts are how you start!

Esquire agrees! As evidenced in their article on adding more pink to your wardrobe which lists the best pink casual garments for men.

pink clothes for men



pink sneakers for men

As a rule of thumb keep pink silhouette footwear simple!

Simple pink footwear allows you the flexibility to wear them casually or smart casual. Pink footwear regardless of colour tone we never be appropriate for smart attire which inevitably means we should choose pieces that allows us to pair with other options.


Celebrity Men wearing Pink

celebrities in pink

Contrary to popular belief pink is has become a favourite amongst men in the public eye. Evidence can be seen through out media publications, interviews and the red carpet. Celebrities typically choose the colour pink to make a statement or compliment there entire.

From David Beckham to Idris Elba we have a countless amount of male celebrities choosing to sport the colour and this should be great inspiration to get you out you started.

celebrities in pink


Best Pink Combination

Neutral colour tones will work best with pink, out of this selection black, white and grey shades work best. Colours such as calm grey don’t make much impact by itself, therefore the combination of pink adds much of an eye-catching element and personality.

Our guide for combining pink is

Recommended: Neutral Colour Tones – White, Olive, Sand, Beige, Light Grey and Taupe

Complimentary Colours: Washed Blue (White is why pink t shirt look great on denim jeans)

Similar Colours: Darker shades of pink for example Bulgarian rose, mauve or red


History of Pink

As we explore the history of pink we find through research that pink was deemed the more masculine colour which parents would choose for young boys due to the shade being close to red.

Back in the early 19th century an infant department store would go on to say

There has been a great diversity of opinion on this subject, but the generally accepted rule is pink for the boy and blue for the girl. The reason is that pink being a more decided and stronger colour, is more suitable for the boy; while blue, which is more delicate and dainty is prettier for the girl.”

Earnshaw’s Infants’ Department – 1918

Change would start to take place during the 1940’s which would be due to brands marketing the colour as gender cues, blue is for boys and pink is for girls.

The relationship between pink and femininity also allowed corporations to market these ideologies through action figures such as Barbie, use pink in female led health campaigns such as breast cancer awareness and retail store advertisements placing women in pink and men in blue.

Final Word

Now that we have laid the blueprint for men wearing pink use this piece as a visual cue to ensure you make the right outfit choices.

Just remember a few things

  • Ensure your chosen pink compliments your skin tone
  • If unsure start off with subtle shades of light pink
  • Incorporate the colour into your formalwear
  • You make the outfit the outfit does not make you, therefore step out confident as this is what the colour communicates to others.

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