Luka Doncic Haircut (Detailed Look)

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The Luka Doncic Haircut has come in a variety of styles since his 2018 NBA Draft debut. These have ranged from his,

  • High Skin Fade
  • Tapered Haircut
  • Quiff Haircut
  • Side parting Combover (Signature)

Outside of his athletic standing we continue to see a growing interest around his lifestyle habits and grooming styles, this is evident by fans taking inspiration from his look.


Our editorial highlights his entire hairstyle gallery from his signature look, hair type as well as tips to achieve similar looks



Luka Doncic Hair Type

Luka Doncic Hair Type falls under category 1, which is defined as being straight with no curl pattern whatsoever.

luka doncic hair type

Type 1 Straight hair also varies in thickness and falls into different categories, thin, medium and coarse. Taking a quick glance we can see his hair texture is a medium in terms of thickness.

In addition to this hair type is a very important factor as the texture of your hair results in a different look and feel of hairstyles.



High Skin Fade

Throughout his basketball career we have seen many variations of Luka Doncic’s high skin fade, for example some styles contains shaved lines to make the style distinctive whilst others have included gel for a wet look.

high skin fade

His high skin fades are identified by his longer length at top with a short back and sides. This is the main differentiator between a taper and high skin fade, taper fades usually contain hair that gradually blends to the sides.



Tapered Haircut

We can’t complete a Luka Doncic haircut listing without his tapered haircut style!

tapered hair

One of the benefits of the tapered haircuts is that its subtle yet effective. Once your high skin fade grows out you have many options, 1 being to shave your head back to the high fade or get a tapered fade.

Tapers and fades always both grow back clean which is another reason we see many opting for this. Essentially it is a combination of a taper haircut and a fade haircut.



Luka Doncic Haircut in a Quiff

In terms of appearance the quiff closely resembles the pompadour. Both are voluminous styles that sweep the hair back however, quiffs have a natural messy look whereas the pompadour are tight, pull together and have slickness to it.

quiff hairstyles

With that said we can sometimes see his hair turn into messy quiffs due to the nature of basketball involving athletes to constantly move.

Top of range products in the markets selling pomade, gel, or wax will help achieve these looks for you.

Pomade will give your quiff a polished shine. Gel and wax will accentuate the texture hair whilst also helping to maximize and preserve volume and thickness, thank us later buddy!



Side parting Combover (Signature Style)

From the moment Luka was drafted to the NBA it quickly became apparent that his signature look was his side parting combover.

comb over

Most images from 2018 including his draft announcement, off season and during game time include the athlete sporting this style.

Luka secures his side parting with the use of gel for a wet-look finish or pomade for a matte texture. As you can see he styles his hair this way both on and off the court.

Masculine, classic and versatile in appearance can be worn all year round and a style he has been largely associated with which is reflected in video games (See below)



NBA 2K Hair Graphics

Luka Doncic graced the cover of NBA 2K22 which should already indicate his status in the NBA arena.

luka doncic haircut in NBA 2K

Outside of being featured on the cover we also saw a large effort to ensure his profile graphics matched his real life identity. This would explain why we see his player having his signature combover hairstyle.

Each year game developers continue to improve on graphics making them appear as close to reality as possible and these small intricate details such as hair makes all the difference.




How to get a Combover Haircut

Now that we have covered his hair types as well as various styles we have provided instructions on how to achieve his signature hairstyle.

The comb-over is a classic men’s style which is identified with hair on top flowing in one direction left or right, popularised by athletes such as David Beckham.


Here’s what you need to do

  • Comb your hair forward and select where you want your side part to sit
  • After choosing your side part, brush your hair to the opposite side
  • Blow-dry your side part straight down to flatten the side
  • Apply reasonable amount of product to give your hair that added finish and shine


You must remember that the combover looks best when sides are shaved and shaped up, therefore ensure a quick visit to the barber before or after to ensure that once the combover is complete it complements the look.

We should also mention that not only is the comb over highly sought after by men for its versatility but it also enables those who are balding the ability to cover the spots. 



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