Lil Nas X Hair (Gallery)

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The high-top faded afro twists worn by Lil Nas X has become his signature look which he can be seen wearing at the Met Gala, multiple award shows, interviews as well as his own music videos.

A style popular within the black community for men wanting an alternative look to the rounded afro.

Our editorial features an image gallery of Lil Nas X’s hair throughout his career



Lil Nas X Hair Gallery



High Top Afro Twists

Whilst the high top dates back to the influence of Kid and Play hair in the 80s today we have a slightly different variation of the style with the added twists on top!

lil nas x hair in twists

Lil Nas X doesn’t sway far from his signature look, yes on the odd occasion he will wear a wig or braids for a music performance but in his day to day life its his High Top twists which he seems to revert too!

His high top can be seen at different levels, short, medium, and long with thick and thin twists!




Red Bleached Hair

Back in 2020 Lil Nas X hair was red which was shared across all social media platforms and guess what, it was done of his signature high top twists!

lil nas x hair in red

His red hair was matched by the same colour jacket and in true Lil Nas X style was a statement outfit!

He has mastered the art of sparking conversation amongst fans and this is a perfect example of this.




Lil Nas X has also worn cornrows in his hair which we believe to be an indicator of a customised wig being made for him.

braids and bun

As we have shown his signature look is the faded high top twists, however when he’s scheduled to perform with accessories and wigs on his head the protective style flattens his afro!

This allows for all head equipment to be placed comfortably. Outside of this its just a great style which has deep roots in black tradition and culture.





How can I get my hair like Lil Nas X?

Achieving hair like Lil Nas X requires a sponge for twists or a towel.


Ensure hair is clean and combed out
Use a spritz to slightly dampen your hair
Take your sponge or towel and rotate it in a circular motion across your entire head.

This will then lead to hair like lil Nas X. The option to have a small tapered fade or completely shaven sides for a high top is up to you.  


Which should mention that this style is tailored to those with afro kinky hair due to the curl pattern it wont work well on other hair types.



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