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Over 2 decades later and we can still see the influence of Kid n Plays hairstyles (slightly modified) present itself on contemporary rappers which Lil Mosey Hair is a prime example of.

Whilst the centre of Hip Hop culture is the music, we still have a vested interest in the hairstyles and fashion choices of artists which is why Lil Mosey Hair is a topic of interest which we’ll dive into.



What is Lil Mosey’s Hair style & Hair type?

Hairstyle:  The Lil Mosey hair style can be described as a curly taper fade. Since his debut he has mostly wore this style as his signature look evident by his social media profiles, music videos and live shows.


Hair type: His hair type is 3B.

Due to his mixed heritage of being partly white, half-Puerto Rican & half-black results into his hair type being wavier which ultimately creates his natural curls.



How do you get Tapered curly hair?

To achieve this hairstyle lets first look at your hair type

lil mosey haircut

3B: If you’re of mixed heritage you’re likely going to already have wavy hair which requires you only to shave the sides.

The gradual tapering on the sides is what gives it that finished look.

To enhance the curls on top you will have to apply product such as pomade or curl enhancing cream for the extra added hold and shine.



4A/B/C: If you have thicker afro textured hair then you will be able to achieve a similar look with a sponge or towel.

Slightly dampen your hair with a spritz, take the sponge or towel, and rotate this in a circular motion across your entire head.

This will also be completed with a taper faded side which your barber will complete for you.



Lil Mosey Hair Gallery

Our Gallery features Lil Mosey in his signature curl tape fade


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