The Best Lamelo Ball Hair Moments

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Not only has he gained notoriety for his skills on the court, but Lamelo Ball Hair has captured an equal amount of interest from fans and media worldwide.

Since his draft back in 2020 we have seen the athlete style his hair in a variety of ways. Our editorial will highlight his signature look as well as his previous hairstyles.



All the Best Lamelo Ball Hair Moments



Buzz Cut

LaMelo Ball’s dad Lavar Ball paid his son to cut off his curly mohawk before the NBA Draft which resulted in the buzz cut we see below.

Lamelo Ball Hair short

What makes his buzz cut that much more unique are his natural waves. Whilst his buzz cut only lasted a brief moment, we got to see his hair relatively low. His buzz cut marks a time in his career, will he get it back? Let’s see!



Curly Mohawk Fade

His dad might hate it, but we love it!

Gaining much attention outside of his athletic stats was his hairstyles, with the most sought after being his curly mohawk.

mohawk hairstyles

Big, thick and curly, it’s hard to go unnoticed and we saw him sport the style for a large portion of his career.

In addition to this GQ teamed up with Barber and stylist Lisa Torres to recreate LaMelo’s infamous hairdo which you can see below.



Curly Blonde Hair

His mohawk coming in multiple variations with the most distinctive being his curly blonde hair.

lamelo ball hair in blonde

At this point certain colours are associated to different players within the league, for example blonde in Lamelo’s case whilst Marcus Smart’s hair being associated to the colour green.



Faded Afro Curls

This faded afro style is usually highlighted by the gradual hair tapering on the sides which we can see in multiple Lamelo Ball hair images.

lamelo ball hair faded

Ensure that you regularly condition your hair to keep it soft and have a hair pick handy to maintain volume throughout the day. Once this is taken care of you can use tools or product to further enhance your curls.



Comb Coils

In a recent photoshoot with Puma we saw Lamelo’s hair in comb coil twists which many believed to be the start of his dreadlock journey, however he reverted back to his signature afro fade.

comb coils

This was achieved with the use of a holding wax or conditioner to hold still each single strand of hair. If he left it this way then hair would begin to matt together and form into dreads, this however was not the case. He unravelled them after the puma photoshoot.



Lamelo Ball Hair in NBA 2K

Each year the video game development team continues to improve on graphics of the athletes. Body weight, height, facial features, and hairstyle. In Lamelo’s case we can see his most signature curly mohawk featured in the video game.  

lamelo ball hair in NBA 2K


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