Kyrie Irving Hair (Detailed Look)

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If there’s one thing we can rely on its Kyrie Irving hair to be consistent as he alternates between 2 styles, his afro and buzz cut.

The league consists of athletes who are known for constantly changing their style, Jeremy Lin hairstyles being a perfect example and athletes who keep it simple, he resigns on the latter.


Our editorial includes a Kyrie Irving Hair gallery



Kyrie Irving Hair Type

From the chart below we can see that Kyrie Irving’s hair falls under the Type 4 category being a 4A. His hair is afro textured.

kyrie irving Hair Type

His hair holds moisture more than those with 4A and 4B hair which makes it inevitably easier to manage and style.

Hair type is dependent by genetics and race and his parents have the same hair type.



Kyrie Irving Hair Gallery


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