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Outside of his pretty boy looks the Kurt Cobain hair craze was a huge topic of discussion during his time as the lead singer of the group Nirvana.

It’s well documented that his influence can be seen throughout the grunge sub culture, however his hair also played a massive part of his brand and identity. Our editorial will take a detailed look at Kurt Cobain’s beautiful long hairdo and its influence during the 80s and 90s.


Kurt Cobain Hair in the 80s & 90s

Kurt Cobain Hair in the 80s

Hairstyles from the 1980s and 1990s are making a comeback, and none is more famous than Kurt Cobain’s beautiful long hairdo. Kurt’s bleached blonde locks virtually invented grungy just-gotten-out-of-bed hair.

To include extra rock n’ roll to your appearance, use texturizing powders and matte clay to get a Kurt-inspired hairstyle. This cut looks the nicest on straight hair, but if you have thin hair like Nirvana’s lead man, apply volumizing items to keep your hair from seeming limp.

The real coloring and upkeep, in addition to allowing it to stretch out and then obtain at-home hairstyles, are crucial for genuineness. His bleaching operations weren’t done using kits, and his classic red phase was merely Koolaid packets and peroxide.

He didn’t employ shampoo, instead opting for cake bars of soap. Essentially, you’ll have to study the intersection of postpunk fashion and poverty at the period, which was a make-do attitude and a bunch of at-home inventiveness.


How Long Was Kurt Cobain’s Hair?

 Kurt’s golden hair is kept in a plastic container the dimension of trading cards, and the lengthiest strand in the collection measures roughly two and a half inches, according to the auction firm Iconic Auctions. Kurt acquired these tiny slivers of rock history when his band was on the famed “Bleach” tour in 1989.


Kurt Cobain Hair Sold for $14,000

Kurt Cobain hair being cut

 The golden locks of Kurt Cobain are much more valuable than gold. A rock’n’roll auctioneering recently sold a few threads of his hair for a whopping fourteen thousand dollars.

The highest price for late Grunge lead singer Kurt Cobain’s hair was $14,145. That’s only for six strands!!!

The deceased Nirvana lead singer’s hair was auctioned off as one of the items at an auction even organized by Amazon Music, which was sponsored by the Iconic Auctions company. The hair, which was clipped off Cobain’s scalp by a buddy while he was performing Bleach in the United Kingdom sometime in 1989, have been auctioned after bidding began on May 6th

The successful bidder will also receive these photographs of Kurt’s hairdo. Tessa Osbourne, who gave him the haircut, appeared for a beaming photo with the cutters still very much in her hands.

Cobain’s hair has traveled quite a distance… the haircut took place in England, and Osbourne stored the strands in a suitcase until after his demise when she presented them to Nicole DePolo, a Seattle artist.

The strands were handed to Reznikoff John, who holds the World Record for the biggest collection of historical hair, and it was ultimately auctioned pretty recently.

According to the auction company, it is the only accessible Cobain strand that currently exists on the market, which explains the winning offer of $14,000.



Kurt Cobain Hair Gallery 







How To Style Your Hair Like Kurt Cobain

There are a few things to follow if you’d like your hair to appear like that of Kurt Cobain’s. They are as follows:


First Step

 Always begin by segmenting your hair into four groups (like that of cross buns) and securing it at the back using clips if you have long hair. We’ll go through each section one by one so that you can understand the process with ease.


Second Step

Begin with the initial portion and administer the bleach thru the lengths, keeping roughly a 2 to 3-inch root behind.


Third Step

Then, using the Balayage Board, work the bleaching material into your hair’s root. Taking tiny portions at a time, place the board somewhere under your hair and backcomb with the board’s teeth, resulting in crimped hair at your hair top. This will ensure that the bleaching material is applied in a mixed, inconsistent manner and that the result is neither bulky nor blocky.


Fourth Step

For a grown-out effect, apply the bleaching material up to your hair’s root, allowing your backcombed hair and approximately one inch at your scalp undisturbed. To prevent the breach from spreading, use cooking foil to cover your pieces. Find your way via each segment by repeating the process.


Fifth Step

As soon as the bleaching material has assumed a pale yellowish color, rinse your hair. By swiping some bleach out with the tint brush, you can see the color. You might wish to rinse parts one at once in the sequence in which they were applied.


Sixth Step

Following the processing and bleaching of each part, use a high-quality toner to remove all forms of brassiness.



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