The Most Outlandish KSI Hair Styles

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KSI hair has been styled in every way possible under the sun. His spontaneous hairstyles have formed a huge part of his personal brand which has made fans accustomed to his unique styles. What started out as shock value today is the norm. 

Somewhere in between Dennis Rodmans hair moments and young Joc’s blue perm lies KSI who ranks high amongst celebrity men willing to push boundaries when it comes to hairstyles. 

Our editorial details his current hairstyle being dreads as well as his previous hair looks. Let’s take a look

All KSI Hair Moments

Outlandish KSI Hair Styles

KSI ranks his own Hair

What better way than the man himself to rank his own previous hairstyles? Check out the video below

The Most Outlandish KSI Hair Styles


Maybe not KSI’s best moment and by his standards it was a disgrace as he mentioned in the video above!


Nevertheless, we must feature this style as it marks a time in his journey! Most KSI fans will tell you this was one of the first styles he had.

Whilst he went onto try other hairstyles after this he kept his sides shaved which we see today on his high top dreads.

Permed Hair

If there’s one thing KSI understands, its garnering the attention of social media by creating moments to go viral, this being one of them.

ksi hair in a perm

Not only was his permed hair unconventional but it was deliberately styled in a way which made you pay attention no matter how bad it looks, and let’s get one thing straight, it was terrible!

High Top

A KSI Hair list wouldn’t be complete without the classic high top! Prior to his music and boxing fame we saw KSI style his hair in a high top for a brief period.


He used a blow dryer to increase the volume and height on his hair!

Whilst he tried multiple different hairstyles the consistent theme was his shaved sides regardless of style!


Starter Dreads

Up until 2017 KSI had spent most of his career styling his hair in ways which almost certainly made him the talking point on twitter and reddit. He then decided to change his look for a more permanent style which he continues to wear today which are dreadlocks.

starter dreads

At the start of his journey, we can see his afro hair has been twisted in a semi freeform way and left to grow.


Tied Up Dreads

With a few years of hair growth, we have seen KSI be able to tie his dreads up which continues to be one of his trademarks looks today!

tied up hair

In addition to this we continue to see KSI wear his signature bandana around his forehand with his dreads.


Bleached Dreads

At the very start of his dreads journey we saw KSI bleach his hair blonde and then gradually transition into other colours such as red and purple.

ksi hair in red

Bleached dreads have also become part of his personal brand and while he reverts to his natural hair colour from time to time, we all know he will change colour again. Don’t be surprised if you see KSI in orange dreads next summer.

ksi blonde

Disclaimer: Whilst colour can be placed at any stage of your dreads journey, we advise you avoid placing any colour or bleach in your hair for the first few months as your hair begins to develop.

Do your research if you want similar Dreads

While there is a lot of conflicting information with regards to dreadlocks, we still advise you to do research. The most important things at the initial stage will be to watch videos online and make notes of the peoples dreads you admire.


Talk to a loctician and get a Consultation

Talking to a loctician is our best advise! They are the professionals who live and breathe hair.

During the consultations locitians will be able to have a closer look at your hair type, discussion process, hair products to use and avoid and parting systems.

Ensure you save the images of your desired style to your loctician and explain what you’re looking for.

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