Kodak Black Height (Proof & Measurements)

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Kodak Black height has been recorded at 5’7 – 5’8 on multiple documentations such as his arrest records making him one of the shortest rappers in hip hop to date.

This therefore sees him a few inches below the average American male height.

Our editorial provides proof of Kodak Black’s height through visual imagery and documents as well as clearing any misconception around this.



Proof of Kodak Black Height

Back in 2017 Kodak was arrested in south Florida on charges of trafficking in oxycodone and possession of a controlled substances. His details were later released to the public which featured his height stats. See circled section.

Kodak Black Height in arrest files

Kodak Black files shows the rapper is 5’7. There are other files which state the rapper as 5’8 so we can go on the record and say kodak is between 5’7 and 5’8.



Kodak Black Height in Comparison

Whilst Kodak is a few inches shorter than the average American male when stood against Gucci Mane his short stature quickly becomes obvious.

Celeb Heights records Gucci mane’s height at 6’2 which makes him one of the tallest rappers amongst his contemporaries.

kodak black height compared

Both Kodak and Gucci have made several public appearances together and while it’s easy to forget that Kodak is short it becomes more instantly obvious amongst his peers and athletes.


Stood next to Jeezy we can see there of a similar height and stature both being around 5’7 -5’8.

how tall is kodak black?



Does Height Matter in Hip Hop?

Short answer no! All that matters in Hip Hop is talent, confidence, charisma, skill, marketability and strong branding.

We have representation from both tall and short rappers who have made a global impact which is proof that height doesn’t play a part in one’s success.

While Kodak is a very short rapper that hasn’t stopped him dominating the hip hop scene, he’s amassed a great level of success and continues to grow as an artist. I think it’s far to say his height is not a barrier in any way shape of form.



Artist Bio

Name: Bill Kahan Kapri

Birth Date: 11 June 1997

Birthplace: Florida, United States

Nationality: American

Profession: Rapper

Musical Debut: 2011

Net worth:  10 Million

Albums: 4 Studio Albums



Final Words

There is a growing interest towards his life outside of music and fashion, with a specific focus on his height, now that we’ve proven this we can put all the rumours and misinformation to rest.


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