Kevin Hart Height (With Proof & Measurements)

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There’s been much speculation around the Kevin Hart Height conversation and were here to officially confirm the comedian stands at 5’2.


Our editorial provides a video further detailing proof of Kevin’s height along with visual imagery for comparison.



How Tall is Kevin Hart? (Video)

In the video below we not only explore the comedians height but examine how he has been able to use it to his advantage. Check it out now.


It’s well known that Kevin is one of the shortest people in show business but that hasn’t affected his career in the slightest, in fact its been an advantage from a marketing and branding standpoint.




Height in Comparison

Since his rise to fame we have all known Kevin Hart to be the small guy, no surprise there and shock to anybody, however, what did shock the world is when the comedian/actor shared an image along with his son Hendrix who has outgrown his father, see image below 😲

Kevin Hart Height comparison

Whilst It’s a natural occurrence for children to outgrow their parents this case is unique having witnessed his son grow up in front of the world due to his dads fame and now taller than him.


Another image that broke the internet was the picture of Shaq and Kevin, the tallest person in show business and the shortest person in show business. On the official NBA site Shaq’s height is recorded at 7’1, which makes Kevin look like his son.

shortest person and tallest person

Snoop Dogg maybe the most recognisable entertainer across the world due to his distinctive voice, style, hair as well as being one of the tallest rappers in hip hop.

snoop dog next to kevin hart

Both Snoop and Kevin continue to work together creating online shows such as Olympic Highlights which sees the pair reviewing different sporting moments. They took a picture which went viral on social media.

Similary to Shaq when Kevin is next to Snoop he appears even smaller! Like Snoops long lost son aha! We love you Kev but had to join in on the jokes.



Kevin Hart Height Proof

During an interview in the UK both Dwayne Johnson and Kevin hart appeared on the Graham Norton Show. Within that episode Dwayne jokingly asked Kevin what it’s like being 3’2 to which he responded by saying “I’m 5’2”



Does Height matter in Hollywood?

You know IT DOES NOT MATTER! We could list a range of actors and comedians who have made a name for themselves due to their talent and hard work, this applies to Kevin Hart!

As we stated in the video he has actually used his small stature to his advantage and often times playing roles which make him appear funnier due to his height.



Comedian Bio

Name: Kevin Darnell Hart

Birth Date: 6 July 1979

Birthplace: Philadelphia U.S

Nationality: American

Profession: Comedian

Musical Debut: 2011

Net worth: 100 Million+



Final Words 

Our editorial should now put all misinformation surrounding Kevin Harts height to rest. The video provided along with visual comparisons is all you will need to debunk all myths.

No matter how short a man might be, height isn’t the end-all-be-all of their existence and that’s proven by Kevin! Nothing is holding you back and height can be used to your advantage if you own it.



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