Kendrick Lamar Height (Measurements & Proof)

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Kendrick Lamar height being 5’5 officially makes him one of the shortest rappers in hip hop history.

His height becomes much more apparent when he’s stood next to someone 6 foot and over. 

Our editorial provides proof of Kendrick Lamar’s height through visual imagery and his own lyrics.

Kendrick Lamar Height Comparison

At five-foot-five, he’s four inches shorter than the average American male and this is clear to see when he’s stood next to Shaq. For reference Shaquille O’Neal’s Height is 7’1.

Kendrick Lamar height Comparison (1)

Pop Smokes Height is a perfect example of a rapper at average male height standing at 5 foot 9 to 5 to 10 before his death. 

How do we know the actual Kendrick Lamar height? (Proof)

We have proof of Kendricks actual height being 5’5 as the rapper mentions it in one of his latest tracks saviour. The lyrics go

Kendrick Lamar Height Lyrics and Proof

“Back-pedaler, what they say? You do the cha-cha

I’ma stand on it, 6’5″, from 5’5″

Fun fact, I ain’t taking shit back”

There are a lot of websites claiming he’s 5’6 but there slightly off here.

At a Heartafact we like to provide proof and you can’t go wrong when the artist themselves mentions their height. Kendrick Lamar Track Saviour was released in 2022, check for the lyrics.

Kendrick Lamar Bio

Name: Kendrick Lamar Duckworth

Birth Date: June 17, 1987

Birthplace: Compton, California, United States

Nationality: American

Profession: Rapper

Musical Debut: 2011

Net worth: 70 – 100 Million

Albums: 5 Studio Albums

Final Words

The shortest rappers have a chip on their shoulder since tall rappers subconsciously communicate masculinity, strength and protection.

In Kendrick’s case we have seen him not let his height take away from any of his accomplishments. His accolades stands him tall and something that is not easy to be replicated.

The honest truth is that within Hip Hop height doesn’t matter, it all comes down to appearance, performance, quality music and ability to stay relevant, does Kendrick check all these boxes yes, so who cares if he’s short. His music will live forever.

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