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During his debut back in 2002 absolutely no attention or criticism was placed on John’s hair. Fast forward 20 years and social media made “John Cena Hair” go viral as a response to his new look. 

The attention has always been on his superior strength with fans in awe of his power and size, today however the attention is placed on his new hairdo which Cena doesn’t seem to mind. 

Let’s take a detailed look at how John Cena’s hair has evolved over time.


John Cena Current Look 

john cena hair in 2022

john cena hair in 2022

John Cena has changed his look several times since transitioning from full-time WWE star to movie star in Hollywood.

Whilst the first hairstyle change was a shock the former WWE Champion has done it a few times at this point. Cena has done multiple commercials with a small change in his appearance which has taken us some getting used too.

It’s expected for some wrestlers to be experimental with their hair, Jeff Hardy for example. John Cena on the other hand, we must admit were still getting used too.



John Cena’s Short Crew Haircut in 2002

john cena 2002

When he first rose to fame, John Cena’s hairstyles were mainly short and close-cropped. In 2002, Cena’s hair made him look like a model for a Marine Corps boot camp recruiting poster. 

Cena had his hair cut in a crew cut in early 2002 when he started to be seen more by WWE crowds as an arrogant villain. This was around the time when he had joined The Corporation stable led by Vince McMahon as one of his goons who beat up younger wrestlers in matches.  


John Cena Hair in Video Games 

john cena 2k22

It is also worth pointing out that this is our first look at the new and improved John Cena character model, very realistic and detailing every inch of his hair as it looks today. As of right now, it looks pretty cool with the option to style his hair how it used to be. 

2K22’s Cena resembles more recent iterations of the WWE Superstar, meaning he has a shorter haircut and trendy threads. 

However, he’s wearing his trademark Never Give Up armbands, green wristbands, and shorts. This response to every detail in the players appearance is very impressive to us. 


How to give yourself the short back and sides look

Get ready for your buzz cut by investing in proper equipment. It would help if you had a hand-held mirror, clippers, and a vacuum cleaner to clean up.

All buzz cuts aren’t the same. There are short buzz cuts and buzz cuts that go just below the ears. Choosing the style of clipper attachment depends on how close to the military style you want to be. It is better to start with longer attachments since you can adjust the length later.

  • First, wash and dry your hair and make sure it is dry. Otherwise, the wet hair will tangle up and impede the process of trimming.
    It’s best to start by cutting your hair from the top of your head and working your way down.
  • Then, watch the mirror and ensure that the movement is as smooth as possible.The military haircut or buzz cut should always be shorter on the sides than on the top. Suppose you want the sides short, use either attachment.
  • Then, extend your fingers while slowly moving the clippers to the top, always making sure to round the ear in a circular motion.


John Cena hair 2002 and 2022: Which is better?

Although John Cena’s hairstyles have changed over time, one thing has remained constant – their effectiveness in keeping him looking cool. These cuts are great for guys with a square face shape like John’s. 

The main difference is that his later cut is longer on top and shorter at the sides, making it more suitable for men who want to add some length to their look without sacrificing volume. So which is better, we’ll let you decide.


Wrap up

He is one of WWE’s finest Superstars and one of Hollywood’s leading men. So it stands to reason that John Cena would have both his fingers on the pulse of professional wrestling and be considered a style icon in his own right. Love of Hair the John Cena Hair fiasco, one thing is for certain, hes a legend in the eyes of fans in WWE no matter how he decides to style his hair. 


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