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The Joe Rogan Hair discussion is one which has resurfaced multiple times on internet forums and podcasts with Joe himself speaking on his failed hair transplant and hair loss.

In this editorial we’ll take a look at some facts about Joe Rogan including his hair loss journey and his decision to shave it all off.

Joe Rogan is popular in the entertainment world for many things. For most people, his fame is largely due to his association with the UFC, courtesy of his commentary activities. Today he is mostly known for his world renowned podcast with millions of listeners tuning in. Fame & notoriety aside today we’ll be examining his hair.


Joe Rogan Hair Loss

joe rogan hair loss

Joe was continually bothered by the thinning hair as well as the expansion of the bald spot on the rear side of his head. The procedures used when comedian Rogan underwent a hair transplant two decades ago were not that sophisticated. Rogan has already expressed guilt for his hair transplant venture on his renowned program.

Notwithstanding the stripe on the back of his neck, he currently barbs off every single hair from his head every day. Well over time, he’s spoken openly about his balding and associated fears. In his presentations, you can tell what he understands about hair loss treatments and know that he knows a lot. The well-known comedian is continually surprised by the current developments.

As stated earlier, we believe that Joe Rogan has undergone a hair transplant using the FUT procedure. This procedure necessitates the excision of skin layers from the rear side of your head. The foundations of your hairline are also contained in this texture, which would be taken from the epidermis and put into the bare head. Joe Rogan mentioned during one of his videos that he underwent a transplant when he was only twenty-six years old.


Joe Rogan Hair Transplant & Balding

We can practically spot every thin hair on Joe’s scalp at this point as he chooses to keep his short hair opting for a bald look at front with some hair at back. At least two thousand five hundred follicles have been implanted from the incision, as can be seen at the back of his hair. It’s also common for all of your implanted hair to fall out completely. It ought to be at least ninety percent of the time. Sadly, less than 10percent of the implanted hair seems to recover in Joe’s instance.

When it relates to comedian and podcaster Joe Rogan, he works hard to keep things authentic. He is open and honest with his listeners at The Joe Rogan Experience, yet he never mentions his personal opinions. Notwithstanding this, Rogan appears to be just like every other person when it comes to vanity. When the Podcaster discovered he was thinning, he received an unexpected response from his fans.

Joe Rogan hadn’t yet started podcasting when he began to lose much of his hairline. He primarily worked in front of TV screens, so he was concerned about how going hairless would influence his ability to operate in front of the camera.

He said he was going insane as his hairline started falling out day by day. He was going insane with his baldness because he was performing on a Television program and as a performer for News Radio at the very same time.

To avoid baldness, Rogan began taking a variety of products. However, it appears that these medications were ineffective in preventing his male pattern baldness. His hair had been dropping out for long, but when he took the medicine, it stopped falling off. His hairline began to fall out again after some time. He felt compelled to do something.

When the famous comedian went bald and lost the whole of his hair, he didnt feel terribly strange or different from anyone else. In reality, baldness was the finest look for Joe, especially given the state of his thinning hair. He also claims that baldness is the ideal look for many other men in this scenario.

He occasionally tells his supporters that he wishes he hadn’t undergone any hair surgeries. He claimed that he should’ve cut his hair from the start. He went on to add that if your hair starts falling out in clumps, you can cut your hair and accept that you are bald.


Minoxidil Pros and Cons

Minoxidil was developed as a therapy for hypertension, and physicians may still recommend the medicine in its oral form for persons with chronic high blood pressure.

In the late 80s, researchers created a local minoxidil formulation that you can use to address both female and male hair fall. The liquid is offered in two concentrations: two percent and five percent. Theroxidil and Rogaine finasteride, as well as Minoxidil (Propecia and Proscar), another medicine that stops hair loss, have been the only therapies for men’s loss of hair that have been approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration). According to studies, these two medications are up to sixty percent efficient in reducing hair fall and promoting the growth of hairs.


Pros and Cons of minoxidil

The following are some of the pros and cons of minoxidil:



  • Topical minoxidil can be effective in treating hair loss
  • Available without a prescription
  • Suitable for males and females



  • Not suitable for people who take vasodilators
  • Works best for people under 40 years of age
  • Does not treat receding hairlines


Joe Rogan Bald (Current Look)


It’s difficult to see any “improvement” in Joe Rogan’s hair between ‘95 and ‘05 in almost all of his films or images. It’s almost as though nothing occurred at all! So, where did his cosmetic procedures go wrong?

A couple of merged pictures below illustrate what the legendary UFC commentator currently looks like:

the joe rogan hair journey


During a post-MMA bout interview, Joe Rogan’s Follicular Unit Transplantation scar at the backside of his head was photographed.

The mark on that part of his head may be seen even without straining the eyes. The scale of the mark indicates that it isn’t a minor treatment. As is the situation for Machine Gun Kelly, scarring of comparable size can readily generate between two thousand five hundred to three thousand hair follicles.

Except the follicles did not come back, such a large number of hair follicles would be difficult to miss on the transplantation location!

The remainder of Rogan’s bald spot may be seen in the part of his head just beyond his head if left unshaven for a few days. Most of those hairs are undoubtedly transplanted, only that there isn’t much of it, to begin with. 


We could virtually number every single hair on Rogan’s head after he opted to cut his hair short and go for the shaven head appearance. It’s strange because his scar indicates that a minimum of two thousand five hundred hair follicles were implanted on his scalp…

If the hairs on the top of his head are merely transplanted hair, it was first transplanted in a relatively low density.

Even though it is common for not all of the grafted hair to come back, it ought to be at least ninety percent. Sadly, it appears that just around ten percent of Rogan’s transplanted hairs have grown back.

In one of his YouTube videos he did some time in 2018, he claimed that his hairline transplantation failed because his hairlines were thin, and the outcome didn’t appear particularly interesting to the eyes. Even so, we’d be likely to witness a lot more hairs developing on the crown of his head.


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