Jimmy Butler Hair (Detailed Look)

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Jimmy Butler Hair has been styled in multiple ways from the buzz cut, mini dreads, braids to his current high top cornrows.

While he is mostly known for his NBA basketball career with the Miami Heat he is also considered one of the most stylish players in the game, which is no surprise that his hair is a topic of discussion.


Jimmy Butler Hair Moments


Buzz Cut (His Rookie Days) – 2011

During his debut season in 2011 Jimmy sported a low buzz cut haircut. This is normally the case with rookie players as they find their feet on the court. As time progressed as we demonstrate in our post he began to become more experimental with his hair, this however all started with the buzz cut.

Jimmy Butler Buzz Cut

athlete Buzz Cut


Jimmy Butler Hair Faded + Sponge Twists

sponge twists on afro hair

sponge twists on afro hair

A favourite amongst men with afro textured hair, the sponge twists. These twists are easy to replicate and only require a sponge to rotate round your head. Jimmy can be seen doing this which created a simple but new look for the player outside of the traditional buzz cut.

A new hairdo lends hair new vitality, and Jimmy Butler’s infamous blur got a boost thanks to these qualities.


Short Mini Locs with Low Fade

Short Mini Locs with Low Fade

The Short Mini Locs with the Low Fade is one that Jimmy Butler is mostly associated with. This hairstyle has one thing in common that is smooth and clean lines. If we look at this Jimmy Butler’s style from the side, we will find the low skin fade which is more noticeable. The sideburn generates a sharp edge look, while his hair at top are in matted twists.


 His Current Hairstyle (Braided Man Bun)

Jimmy’s boldest move with regards to his hairstyle are is current man bun braids which can be seen worn on and off the court. While he usually wore his sponge twists he made the change with these high top cornrow manbun. Shaved on the sides with distinctive braid pattern, we can see Jimmy wearing this protective style with a headband. 


jimmy butler hair in manbun

jimmy butler hair in cornrow

For several years, male bun braids were a popular men’s hairstyle. Although the man bun is indeed a relatively recent lengthy hairstyle for men, it has been around for as far as men have had long hair.

Whilst longer hair might be a style choice for certain men, a hairstyle for men with braids is easy to put together, style, and keep. And, if not tied hair into a bun or ponytail, male long hair may need high maintenance, and man bun braid hairstyles are a distinctive plus there are contemporary methods to handle it.

Braids and buns are generally associated with thicker hair, however, they could also be worn by men having fine hair. All you must do to sport a braided male bun haircut with thin hair is to adjust your appearance to your type of hair. To do just that, start by braiding a part of your hair with a single tiny braid. This will give you a great look without needing a lot of hair. Then, at the backside of the head, do a little dinky man bun with the rest of the hair. Ensure it isn’t so tight, or your hair will seem even thinner than it is already. Also, keep in mind that tight buns can induce traction alopecia, and if you are worried about losing hair, leave your bun free and pull it out at the close of the day.


How to Do Braid Bun

The male braid hairdo is gaining popularity, although, with the inclusion of a bun, it has become the talk of the town. Barbers are sharpening their ability to make even more creative man braid patterns, and men from all sorts of backgrounds are trying out this new hairdo trend.

 Step 1

Shampoo and towel dry your hair before style.

 Step 2

Have your hair combed using a broad tooth comb to eliminate any kinks that may have formed at the terminals.

 Step 3

Choose the part of the head where you need it to begin grooming. Take a strand of hair from such a spot and divide it into three portions, holding each part between your fingers.

Step 4

Within that “X” form, bend the right part over the left part that is right next to it, and continue with the left and center parts.

Step 5

Do it all over again by switching the parts of hair from the starting place down to the intended point.

 Step 6

Secure the braid using a rubber band to finish.

 Step 7

Repeat the technique with another part of the hair, this time separating it into 3 parts.



These are the most well-known Jimmy Butler hairstyles which have evolved over time. We hope you enjoy his unique style as well as this post. Thanks for reading this blog post!


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