Jayson Tatum Haircut (Detailed Look)

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The Jayson Tatum haircut has been consistent since transitioning away from his introductory buzz cut. Today we see the athlete sporting his curly afro alongside his complimentary taper fade.

The consistency of the style has inevitably made it his signature look which can be seen on all his public appearances, game days as well as video games.

Our editorial highlights his entire hairstyle gallery from his signature look, hair type as well as tips to achieve similar looks

Jayson Tatum Hair Type

Jayson’s hair type falls under category 3, which is defined as loose curly hair. While both type 3 and type 4 hair are curly, type 3 has a looser curl pattern which Is evident from the images.

jayson tatum hair type

Type 3 curly hair ranges from a light curl to tight, curly tendrils, and usually has a combination of textures. We believe his hair types anywhere between 3A to 3B.

Jayson Tatum Haircut Gallery

Our haircut gallery includes some of the hair and grooming styles featured on the athlete throughout the years such as his

  • Buzz Cut
  • Curly Hair and Mid Taper
  • Grown out Beard

Buzz Cut

Head to google, search the term “Jayson Tatum 2017” and you will be taken down memory lane as your results will feature the rookie who appeared to keep his hair low at this point.

Jayson Tatum Haircut short

The buzz cut is yet to fail men, masculine in appearance, low maintenance and versatile for all occasions is obvious why this classic has lasted decades.

Whilst its early history can be traced back to being a uniform look for personnel and police officers the hairstyle has transcended sports and culture evident by athletes sporting the clean look.

buzz cut

A common trend amongst most basketball athletes today however sees them coming into the league with low cuts which is then grown out and styled, James Harden Hair being a perfect example of this.

Whilst Jayson hasn’t over styled his hair we have seen him have his curls grown out and accentuated with the use of light products.

Curly Hair and Mid Taper

What makes his curly hair his signature look? The consistency of the style!

Jayson Tatum haircut

Since making his debut back in 2017 and moving away from the buzz cut we can often times see Jayson’s hair being worn this way!

As well as his curls being accentuated through the use of product we can also see that the front of his hair is sometimes tapered along with his line up to further bring attention to his overall haircut and it makes it look great!

curly taper with fade

I mean don’t take our word for it, players within the league have noticed his fresh haircut.

 “I think he has great hair. I think he gets his hair cut too much, my personal opinion,” forward Marcus Morris said.

“When it comes to having a strong hairline, you can’t let people take it back. … I tell him all the time.”

Grown out Beard

Gone are the days of the baby faced rookie, today we seen Jayson in his full beard which is carefully maintained and shaped by his barber Jules Gutierrez who has been cutting Jayson Tatum’s hair since a child.

Jayson Tatum beard

Outside of having a professional barber to cater to him we also see Jayson execute a maintenance routine for maximum health results.

Wanting the same results? Keep it simple stupid, ensure you,

full beard

Commit to the Process

It goes without saying that beard growth takes time therefore ensure you’re in it for the long game. Make sure you intake the proper nutrition and limit processed foods.

Wash Your Beard

A gentle cleanser works well for your beard as well as your skin and there many on the market. Find one which doesn’t irritate you.

Moisturize Your Beard with Oil

There many benefits to beard oil, however the first that comes to mind are its abilities to moisturize your facial hair, reduces the occurrence of beard dandruff and itchiness.

Groom Your Beard

Just like you would groom your hair ensure you apply this practice to your beard. Comb your beard every day to prevent knots and tangles and ensure biweekly visits to the barber for line ups!

NBA 2K Hair Graphics

We can appreciate that Jayson Tatum haircut featured in the video game mimics his real life hair. Curly, black and featuring tapered sides all plays a part in bringing his character profile to life.

jayson tatum NBA 2K

With every NBA 2K game that’s developer we see a focus on continuously improving the players appearances and making them appear as close to reality as possible and these small intricate details such as hair makes all the difference.

How do you get Jason Tatum haircut?

For those of you posing the question the answer is simply informing your barber for a mid-taper fade.

Before you visit the barber check the video out below to get an idea what the process involve, better to show you then tell you!


A mid taper fade begins mid-way up the sides of the head as you can see in the images, roughly in line with your temple, and will see the hair gradually become shorter.

Were guessing your not wanting to self-cut your hair? Therefore ensure you show the images of Jason to your barber which should act as a reference point for him.

It’s not a hard style, quite the opposite actually and any skilled barber with the right tools will be able to set you on the right path.

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