Jay Z Dreads Evolution (2018 – 2024)

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Content Updated in 2024

The future of Jay z dreads was left up for speculation after a 2023 interview with Gayle king in which he states he’s getting ready to cut it off. Could 2024 be the end of Jay z’s hair?

Throughout the year’s it’s been tradition that Jay z grows out his hair into a mini afro when recording an album only cutting it once the album is complete and turned in.

Jay z Dreads Evolution Video (Shorts)

Here I break down a visual guide into Jay z dreads evolution

How and when did the Jay z start his Dreads?

When did Jay-Z grow dreads In 2018

When – The journey started back in 2018. We have been fortunate to have his hair growth journey documented throughout the media. During this time period Jay z made multiple media appearances and performances with his hair in an afro. This would begin to start the foundation for his dreads.

How – Jay z has freeform dreads.

Similarly to J Cole Dreads this dread style allows your hair to grow organically without any manipulation, combing or styling. Jay began the journey without any styling or manipulation to form his look and maintain its thickness. There is no maintenance technique, size or parting system when it comes to freeform locs.

Detailed Hair Gallery throughout the Years


1996 – 2017

For the majority of jay z career we have only seen him in one hairstyle which has been the traditional low cut. (Apart from his mini afro growth at album recording time)

jay z Hair


Jay would then begin to grow his afro, twist is hair into sections which would become the formation of his locs.


In 2019 we get to see his twists being sections and ready so when it matts together it forms to locs!


At this stage we began to see his dreads at the semi freeform stage maturing into congo at the ends.

freeform dreads


Due to the weight of his hair we begin to see it flow downward to his shoulders.


The most common cause for those lightened ends is the sun which we see on jays ends.

jay z dreads in 2023. Look like year

2024 (Currently)

jay z dreads in 2024. Current look

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