Jay Z Dreads Evolution (Detailed Look)

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Throughout the year’s it’s been tradition that Jay z grows out his hair into a mini afro when recording an album only cutting it once the album is complete and turned in. Today however in the case of Jay z Dreads his hair growth has taken on a whole new meaning and life of its own. Jay z hair is a representation of freedom at the highest level.

Having accomplished business and music success Jay z has made the conscious effort to grow his hair in this new chapter of his life.

What’s even more interesting about jay z dreads is being able to listen to his raps about his hair journey whilst it’s documented in real time.  

Jay z Dreads Evolution Video (Shorts)

How and when did the Jay z start his Dreads?

When did Jay-Z grow dreads In 2018

When – The Jay z Hair journey started back in 2018. We have been fortunate to have his hair growth journey documented throughout the media. During this time period Jay z made multiple media appearances and performances with his hair in an afro. This would begin to start the foundation for his dreads.

How – People often askWhat type of dreads does Jay-Z have?” Jay z has freeform dreads.

Similarly to J Cole Dreads this dread style allows your hair to grow organically without any manipulation, combing or styling. Jay began the journey without any styling or manipulation to form his look and maintain its thickness. There is no maintenance technique, size or parting system when it comes to freeform locs.

A detailed Look

If we look at Jay z hair in detail we can see he has about 10 – 20 thick dreads. One of the misconception over jay z dreads is that his hairstyle is wicks are, while they do look similar they are freeform.

Wicks locs are typically, fewer in numbers, and more gravity resistant then typical locs, this is the main difference. Jay’s hair flows downwards while those with wicks hairstyle stands up tall.

We have listed a video from Knot Nation who further explores Jay z Dreads in detail.

Achieve the Same Look

Many people would love to achieve a similar style of jay z dreads for their own hair therefore we have created a list of 3 things to follow.

  • Talk to a loctician and get a Consultation
    While there is no manipulating taking place to your hair we still advise you see a loctician as this is a professional who can assess your hair for health but more importantly wash it for you. As your hair begins to grow and mature your wash routine will need to be thorough making sure all dirt and lint is removed.
  • Separate you’re Roots
    This is evident throughout jay’s hair journey. Though his hair started as an afro he began to twist his hair as it got thicker in sections which formed into 1 loc.
    This would then become the foundation for how his locs would grow. Some twists thicker than the others To quote Digitallloctician.com 

You have to ensure that you maintain your parting system and that your locs do not fuse together while semi-freeforming and you do that by “popping your locs” at least once a week.”

  • Be Patient
    Nothing beats patience when it comes to hair growth. The idea is you do everything on your part and in return your hair will do its part.As you wait you should focus on clean nutrition, drinking water, washing hair once a month with a loctician, protecting hair at night and ensuring you oil your scalp. When it comes to dreads less is more so remember to keep you’re a healthy routine and in turn your hair will grow!

Jay z Dreads & Hair Gallery throughout the Years


1996 – 2017

For the majority of jay z career we have only seen him in one hairstyle which has been the traditional low cut. (Apart from his mini afro growth at album recording time)

jay z Hair

2018 – 2020

Jay would then begin to grow his afro, twist is hair into sections which would become the formation of his locs.

semi freeform

2020 – Current

Today Jays Hair is long, thick and at shoulder length. He continues to grow his hair and we believe this will soon be on his back! Watch his space

jay z hairstyle
freeform dreads

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