Jay Jo Haircut: (Detailed Look, Video & Gallery)

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What is the Jay Jo Haircut?

In the South Korean anime production “Windbreaker,” Jay Jo is rocking a mullet hairstyle. Jay Jo’s hair is styled in a long front and short back. This hairstyle combined with his red blazer, which is his trademark look.

Jay Jo Haircut in different angles

Jay Jo’s hair is medium-long, with most hair around the top. His hair has some volume and waves. That means it is not as straight from the front to the back as most Korean movie characters have theirs.

But in this hairstyle, you shave the sides to the skin. This adds definition to the face and gives the top part of the excessive hair texture.


Who is Jay Jo?

Jay Jo is the lead actor in the South Korean anime series “Windbreaker.” He is also known as Jo Ja-Hyun. Jay Jo is a 16-year-old boy who loves biking. He is rocking a mullet hairstyle.

Who is Jay Jo?

He attends school in a red blazer, white shirt, and dark trousers. Jay Jo also wears the same clothes even when off-duty. You can also see him in casual wear like hoodies and t-shirts. When you think of Jay Jo think e boy style!

The anime series takes place in South Korea in three seasons, all captivating to watch.


Jay Jo haircut in Real Life

In the anime world, the style is known as the Jay Jo haircut, but in real life, the style is known as a modern mullet. The original mullet haircut became popular in the 1980s. It is mainly seen in metal or rock bands.

Jay Jo haircut in Real Life

As fashion trends shifted from the mullet haircut, many people saw it as an outdated trend. But Jay Jo’s mullet haircut revived the trend in the fashion industry. The hairstyle is now famous worldwide.

In reality, you can do the hairstyle in two ways. You can do it with long hair over short or with long hair on the back and short hair on top.

mens mullet hairstyle

Most hairdressers use this hairstyle to attain a layered curly look. Such a look is quick and easy to style. You can also get it done in various colors. But the only disadvantage with it is that it needs constant hair care.


People take time to get used to the hairstyle. Yet, it is worth the try if you commit to a tidy look.



Hair Tutorial (How to get the Jay Jo Haircut)

Creating the look is very easy. The appearance of the Jay Jo haircut is not different from the original modern mullet. But the hairdresser will need to follow specific instructions to make the layers and waves


Moreover, you can attain the look with zero consequences and drawbacks. All you need to do is follow these simple steps to achieve the desired look.


  1. Grow out your hair

You have to ensure your hair’s length is longer than 5 or6 inches before getting the haircut. You might need to grow it an inch longer than this length to leave room for the hairdresser to revert from a bad outcome.


  1. Shave off the sides

Once you grow your hair, you can visit a barber to shave off the sides. But ask the barber to first trim the edges around the sides and the ears to create the desired pattern. This will prevent the occurrence of uneven sides, hence a more accurate cut.


  1. Improvise the length

You can ask the barber to leave more hair at the front if you want a longer mullet. With this, you can aim for straight messy bangs like Jay Jo’s. 

But, not every bit of your hairstyle needs to look like Jay Jo’s. You can play with the appearance to suit your physical appearance, hair type, and face shape.


  1. Use the free-form razor method.

This method will give your bangs a natural yet edgy look. It forms messy layers increasing the authenticity of the hairstyle’s appearance. You will recreate the exact look with this.


  1. Use the twin comb method.

This method will help your barber monitor the haircut’s shape and length. It also gives volume to the temple. Hence, you can style your hair in a messier pattern without destroying the thickness.


  1. Add a bit of hair pomade.

Hair pomade will add volume to hair and make your bangs look polished. It gives your hair a subtle shine and rehydrates the hair ends.


Bonus tip

You can use a blow dryer to get the desired messy texture and fullness if you have more delicate hair. 



 Final Words

Are you ready for your next haircut? Do you want to experiment with a trending hairstyle? Try the Jay Jo haircut. You don’t have to get mixed feelings about the hairstyle. Jay Jo’s haircut will give you a flawless look.

It will give you a younger effortless look that is sensually pleasing. It also adds the perfect volume and texture to your hair, drawing all attention to you. 

Jay Jo’s haircut refines your facial physic as it makes your jawline tighter and shapes your cheekbones. The results will make it look effortlessly chic.

Let’s not also forget how easy it is to recreate. You can visit your local hairstylist and commit to the hair care routine. You have no reason not to rock Jay Jo’s haircut as your new style!

A real fan of Anime already knows who Jay Jo is and the famous Jay Jo haircut. Not only did women worldwide love Jay Jo, but men settled to copy his famous haircut. The irritability that came with him and his hair are just on another level.

Anime is gaining popularity each day. The anime creators deliver the plot with heartfelt emotions and great fight sentiments. That, together with setting fashion and hairstyle trends, makes it popular.



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