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The Jake Paul hair topic is a controversial one having evoked conversations among his fans when they noticed his receding hairline. FaZe Banks, a fellow YouTuber, tweeted at Jake back in 2018, calling him out for his receding locks. He even tweeted; Homie, you’re f**** balding, and you’re like 19 years old lmao; Dr. Ziering says hi, btw.’


Jake Paul Hair Transplant

There is no record of Jake Paul doing a hair transplant, even though he is experiencing some hair loss. And if he does take hair loss treatment, his fans will take notice cause they have been following the story closely.

Jake Paul Hair Transplant

In addition to this Logan Pauls Hair also a huge topic as his brother has also experienced balding.



Signature Look: Messy Fringe with Shaved Sides

In the last fight against Tyson Woodley, Jake Paul’s hair could better be described as a messy fringe of hair that falls forward. Some of his fans had a lot to say, including hiding his receding hairline.

Messy Fringe with Shaved Sides

Jake Paul’s messy hair usually covers his balding scalp, but online trolls haven’t stopped making fun of his receding hairline.



Spikey Hair

A spiky haircut is called liberty spikes. They are now associated with the punk subculture and are so named because of the resemblance to the diadem crown worn by the Statue of Liberty, itself inspired by the Roman goddess Libertas and god Sol Invictus.

spikey hair

There are several variations of spiky hair to choose from if you need a new look. Spiky fine hair is an excellent example of a haircut best for those with thin hair. When trimming both sides, you keep your hair in proportion, leaving the top side longer.

As for the process of trying to create spikes, here are some basics that will help you get your hair spikes right;

  • Always start working with clean, a bit damp hair. Make sure that the previously used product is washed out thoroughly. Those with curly or wavy textures should straighten their locks before spikes.
  • It’s always easier to work with short hair. First, you apply a product throughout your hair, distributing it evenly while moving front to back. Avoid using clues and gels if you want a relaxed, messy look: a soft wax or pomade will do.
  • When your hair is thoroughly and evenly coated with the product, start pulling handfuls of your hair to create the spikes. Hold each one for about 20 seconds to secure its shape.
  • For men with longer manes, it’s better to opt for stronghold products and finish everything by blow-drying.
  • If your hair tends to get frizzy, you can finish the style with hairspray.


What Does Jake Paul Do To His Hair?

Jake Paul’s haircut is a type of fade. Fade haircuts were initially seen in the military in the 40s and 50s—Jake rocks in a mid to high fade hair. For high fade, Jake goes bald completely on both sides.


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