The Best J Balvin Hair Moments

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Show business comes down to being creative and marketable, having the pop world and media discuss your every move whilst staying in the headlines, J Balvin Hair is the epitome of this!

The Colombian musician has created several moments with his,

  • Buzz Cut
  • Quiff + Drop Fade
  • Braided Man Bun
  • Green Hair
  • Blue Hair & Red Hearts
  • Colourful Leopard
  • Flower designs

We could call him the Dennis Rodman of Latin music since he is notorious for constantly changing his hair colour with no signs of slowing down.

Our editorial covers all of the J Balvin Hair moments which includes a visual Gallery.

Here are the Best J Balvin Hair Moments

Buzz Cut

The Buzz cut is the foundation for most of J Balvin hairstyles. Throughout the editorial you will see this haircut with various colours.

 J Balvin Hair in a buzz cut

Bad bunny’s Hair which is also seen in the buzz cut draws our attention just a little bit more due to the lines drawn in.

j balvin and bad bunny buzz cut

Outside of the low maintenance benefits we tend to see a large number of Latin artists have shorter hair, a cultural thing? Maybe, who knows, all we know is that it works great for most men!

Quiff and Drop Fade

Outside of what he’s known for being his colourful hairstyles we have also seen J Balvin make public appearances in his quiff and drop fade.

 J Balvin Hair in a quiff

The combination of the quiff and fade is a classic which will remain that way for years to come, it is what we call the gentleman’s look, fellas take notes!

quiff and fade

The drop fade creates the contrast which results in more attention being directed towards the top of the head.

In addition to this you have the option for a well-sculpted pompadour from your quiff with the use of the right product!

Cornrows & Braided Man Bun

During a photoshoot with W magazine we saw the Latin singer in his braided man bun which we didn’t expect to see!

 J Balvin Hair in a braided manbun

Shaved sides with a small ponytail and back, we can truly see this is one of our favourite looks.

colour cornrows

To further make him stand out we see the braid pattern change in various photos, some including straight braided lines or zig zags.

There are many more variations of this hairstyle and it works for men with all hair types.

Green Hair

The year is 2018, it’s the Latin Grammy awards and thereby stands J Balvin with green hair contrasting against the red carpet with the intention to capture our attention and it worked!

 J Balvin Hair in green

In addition to his green mane we also see the sides of his head shaved which further brings about attention to this hairstyle.

green dyed hair

Disclaimer: Applying any sort of chemical to your hair is a very risky job as this can lead to breakage or thinning if not done correctly, therefore we always recommend you use a professional.


Blue Hair & Red Hearts

The year is 2022 and its Grammys time again, only this time we get a glimpse of a different hair colour and pattern, blue hair and red hearts.

blue hair

Stood beside girlfriend most speculated the symbol having a hidden meaning or maybe just a declaration of their love, either way it got the media talking.

red heart hairstyle

At this point we expect to see each annual grammy awards to feature the Latin singer debut more creative loud hair colours, that’s just what he does.

Same way we expected bizarre outfits each year from Lady Gaga!

Colourful Leopard

During 2019’s Coachella we saw J Balvin debut one of his most creative hairstyles to date being the colourful leopard.

colourful hairstyle j balvin

Whilst most of his previous styles have been nothing more than to garner attention and for fun this particular style is a reflection of culture.

The leopard hair reflects the vibrant rich Latin culture which is celebrated in many forms today and he used his hair as the canvas.

Flower designs

J Balvin revealed his Takashi Murakami artwork for his album Colores back in 2020 and in true marketing fashion he has that painted into his hair.

hair on magazine cover

Gone are the days in which artists would only do the bare minimum to promote an album, radio interviews and some press. Artists today are forced to think outside the box.

Before Wiz Khalifas Dreads we saw him dye a patch of his hair yellow to promote his single black and yellow and there’s no difference here.

All promotional shoots taken by billboard are in support of the album which is also reflected by his hairstyle choice!

Other J Balvin Hair Colours (Gallery)

blonde hair

Key Take Away: Don’t be scared to try New Styles

The consistency of his hairstyle is the buzz cut, where he gets creative is the colour which should be evident.

Inspired by any of the looks? Good, Just take this into consideration.

  • Use a professional Hair Colourist
    We hate to sound like your mother and nag you as we have said this before but using a professional is vital.
  •  Select the Best Products
    Product selection comes down to ensuring what you use is best for your hair type. If you’re unsure ask your barber or hairstylist.
  • Be Certain about the Colour
    Nothing worse than selecting a colour which you believe will look great and then it being the opposite. Yes there’s risk involved in whatever you select, however we prefer you’re as sure as possible.

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